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Fur of the matter


SAPNA SARFARE finds a way to make fur as your most loved aspect of your wardrobe.

Seasonal changes serve a great excuse to change your wardrobe. Winters have stepped down the heat but loading yourself with unnecessary clothes is a strict no-no. A little help and you will be sorted. The best way to do that is by using fur in everything, as nothing defines winter better than glorious fur.

Ask young designer Shainah Dinani has so popular fur fashion items to suggest. In her view, fur still features a lot due to its popularity with celebs. She puts forward names like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, the Olsen twins and US reality TV’s superstar Kim Kardashian who also dresses her daughter North in fur. “Fall 2015 runways in New York have made a mark with a furry affair too; from Prabal Gurung’s fox fur builds to lovely powder pink fur coat at Tome, stoles from Jason Wu and Ohne Titel, and need not mention the oversize fur jacket in emerald at Cushnie Et Ochs made a remarkable statement. Young designers are using more accents of fur, be it real or faux to give it an added touch of luxury. Fur coats, vests, cloaks, clutches, hats, scarves & shoes are a few popular fur fashion items, be it women or men.”

She recalls, “Many high-end labels like H&M, Zara & McCartney still prohibit the use of fur. However, biggies like McQueen,lead 2 Westwood, Dolce & Gabana, Prada and Chanel have given fur an iconic mark by pushing fur on runways. From McQueen’s fur print clutch to Prada and Chanel’s classic fur coat, there has been a completely new generation to fall in love with fur. Not only that, fur coat and vests for men have been trendsetters for the next winter as per the fashion forecasters.”

Designer duo Armaan Randhawa and Aiman Agha feels fur coats and fur-trimmed garments like evening wraps are in demand. “Fashion trends were strongly influenced with the arrival of these fur items. Coats fabricated out of long vertical strips of fur are quite popular amongst men and women,” they feel.

Iconic clothes/accessories always maintain a fan following. Armaan & Aiman declare fur coats are the one thing which can be called love at first sight and luxurious. “Over a century, these coats have evolved in to one of men’s & women’s most multifaceted garments,” they tell. Shainah recollects fashion icons like Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe who have made remarkable fashion statements with fur.

“In 1965, Julie Christie made a glamorous look with a furry Cossack hat. Natalie Wood was spotted wearing a Mink coat to an award evening. Elizabeth Taylor was often captured in fur hats and earmuffs, Audrey Hepburn have given us statement looks using fur in different styles. Kate moss spotted in fur jacket draped nicely over a slinky dress and lastly, Madonna showed up at the after party of an Academy awards in a plunging gown paired with a white boa. And in 2015, Rihanna was spotted with a full-length fur coat, which lead 3added to her quirky style.”

Getting pass the trend’s popularity and iconic details and approaching present trends, Armaan & Aiman feel that unlike a stole, a fur scarf might be longer and thinner but rules over cashmere or cotton scarf as the fur one is thicker. “A fur vest is a perfect combo because it can so easily mix and matched in your wardrobe. Choose a vest in a more neutral color to make for a less in-your-face look.”

Shainah feels that since fur is a 3D raw material, combine it with any fabric fabulously to give it a completely new texture. There are millions of ways to use fur, right from the luxurious styles to street fashion houses. “Short fur jackets and vests have replaced the classic floor length mink – the lighter, the better. A woman with a status walking past the streets of New York daunting a fur trench to the grandma’s traditional fur coat was once considered a luxury buy, which was cherished all throughout the generations. Now designers are giving a casual and affordable look to the completely new fur fashion. That they are using advanced techniques blended with not only dyes and prints to create a new fashion. This season, fur can be worn in several ways – fur vest over a jumpsuit, skirts  classic denims. Fur vest paired with sequins can give a completely new glam look. Fur essentials for autumn/winter each season to name a few would be fur-lined boots and a beautiful overcoat.”

She also feels a fur vest worn over a classic pencil skirt and a simple blouse would be an appropriate work ensemble. Wrap it over a floor skimming vintage dress for an evening or a red carpet look. “Or opt for a woolen coat with thick texture and pair it with a fur collar or cuffs. This gives a unique feel and your outfit a whole new look. Fur-lined jackets are hot sellers too along with a knee-high socks with fur trims to keep you warm and stylish. Use on a coat, jacket or a dress or pair it with wool and leather.”

In Armaan & Aiman’s view, bags would be an easier accessory to incorporate fur as it can be styled any which way one wants to make a statement. “However, fur is a very attention-grabbing material in itself so maybe opt for one in a solid color to tone it down.” Shainah suggests fur accessories like handbags and clutch, key chains, collars and cuffs, headbands and hats; stoles tufts, trim gloves, wraps and earmuffs. “With the right use of fur depending upon the different body types and silhouettes, fur fashion can never go wrong,” she adds.

Nothing reeks of coziness than good old fur. Inputs in, now it is your turn to follow them and make a trendy