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From LBDs to minimal make-up, Ileana Dcruz spills her style secrets


Ileana Dcruz, in a short span since her debut in Hindi films, has worked with the best heroes, from Ranbir Kapoor, to Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. The actress, whose popularity quotient is shooting up by the day, is known for her chic dressing and excellent make-up.

Ileana shares her fashion fundas and also gives useful tips on make-up and hair.

My favourite outfit: A simple fitted maxi dress.

When I am driving to a shoot I like to wear: A pair of slinky slacks and a tank top.

My favourite outfit for a formal occasion (a wedding, an award function or a fine dine): A fitted sheath or cocktail dress.

I like to sleep in: A soft sleep shirt.

I pick my clothes in Mumbai and abroad from: Zara, H&M, Forever21.

My favourite colours are: Black, white, deep burgundy.

My favourite fabrics are: Soft cotton and soft jersey.

The number of jeans I have is: I don’t have too many pairs of jeans; just about four pairs.

I have a fetish for: Shoes!

My wardrobe is incomplete without: A little black dress

I think I look best in: A black dress.

I would like my man to be dressed in: Smart casuals.

According to me the best dressed women in the industry are: Sonam Kapoor for the confidence with which she carries every fashionable outfit, Karisma Kapoor for her quiet elegance and Kalki for her quirky sense of dressing.

The most expensive outfit/ accessory I have bought: I picked up a pair of $300 shoes in San Francisco! That’s the most I have paid so far for a pair of shoes.

My favourite brand in sunglasses: I have no favourites in sunglasses.

My handbag always has: A lip balm, some mint and my phones.

The brand of the watch I wear: I don’t wear a lot of watches.

The features I like to highlight and conceal when doing make-up: I like keeping my make-up natural so I play up my eyes and keep my skin dewy and natural.

While not shooting my make-up comprises: Just a dab of concealer under my eyes and some cheek and lip tint.

My tip on clothes: Stick to what you’re comfortable in. Look for inspiration in trends but stay true to your own style.

My tip on make -up: Less is more! Easy fix — Use some cheek tint, a tiny bit of smudged eye pencil and a tinted lip balm or gloss. Use concealer to cover up bits instead of heavy duty foundation.

Hair envy: I love my own hair!

My tip on hair care: Use heat protecting products before styling your hair and condition your hair as much as possible.