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Fashion, my foot: Why more women are ditching high-heels for sneakers


Women are gradually ditching jaw dropping heels for sneakers and flats. Sneha Singh finds out what’s making them give up on their all-time favourite sexy footwear

Gone are the days when women used to flaunt high heels at office, parties, weddings, ladies sangeet and where not! Nowadays it looks like women have moved on from killer high heels to comfortable flats and sneakers as these unstoppable warriors of 21st century don’t want to be slowed down by heels. As per a survey, women are now meandering towards flats and sneakers over high heels, reason? Because women find it difficult to perform their daily task with their heels on and since women juggle so many responsibilities in one go, they want their daily lives to be hassle free. Call it a surge or lifestyle revolution this has given a rise to a fad where women are happily ditching heels for flawless flats and sexy sneakers for ‘happy feet’. Let’s try to unfold some amazing benefits of saying ‘NO’ to high heels.

Health hazards may become history

There are so many long term and short-term health hazards linked to prolonged usage of high heels, Dr Shalaka Deshpande, Ex Assistant Professor D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy, says “Wearing high heel shoes can lead to foot problems such as bunions, calluses and hammertoes. Prolonged wearing of heels can lead to ankle injuries, nerve irritations and even back and neck problems. To maintain balance in high heels, the calf, hip and back muscles become tense. Achilles tendon may shorten and stiffen with prolonged wear. It also leads to postural problems.” Just imagine at what extent high heels can damage your health but we can keep such issues at bay if we deduct the usage of killer heels in our daily fast paced life.

Alia Bhatt

Adios anxiety

Did you know wearing those fatal high heels drags women towards depression? Because back in mind they keep thinking about perfect posture while walking on heels, constant ankle pain and then comes shoe bite which is also a mood spoiler. Fear of falling or getting tripped triggers anxiety among women. And especially if you are someone who wear heels on frequent basis, heels may land you in serious health complications and chances are you may suffer from mental distress because of severe pain. To make this point valid Dr Deshpande explains, “If footwear is incorrect it can lead to constant aches and pain which in long term leads to unwillingness to pursue activities such as walking, it also affects ability to work in chosen occupation with consequent mental, emotional and physical implications.” So, in order to beat your blues, go breakup with your unhealthy high heels and befriend with simple reliable foot ware to bring in some positivity in life.

No more mainstream

If you dare to be different and easily get bored with mainstream trends, then this trend is definitely for you. Imagine you are in a party donning colourful sneakers on your maxi dress or LBD (little black dress) where everyone else are walking on risky heels, and there you are walking and dancing without any woes. You will surely grab the eyeballs with chick sneakers. The best part about sneakers is they can be teamed up with every apparel. Classic canvas sneakers are the eye candies in the world of sneakers. Red, blue, white and black these are some colourful shoes which never goes out of fashion. And not just sneakers; you can also opt for strappy flats, gladiators or even ballerina shoes. And all those girls who feel sorry about their height should stop wearing heels. Because your attitude and confidence make you beautiful, heels don’t.

Deepika Padukone

Being comfy is trendy

Putting comfort over fashion is the new agenda set by young millennial women. Women are born multi-taskers and they manage office and household chores altogether with finesse. Replacing high heels with flats and sneakers would be a great idea for women who are always on their toes. A working mom has to make morning meal, drop her kid to school, catch office and come back home all drained and tired. A comfy shoe with soft sole means lesser risk of leg sprains and swollen feet. If you are a super mom who wants everything to be done in a jiffy, then comfy footwear like sports shoes, sneakers and flats will make your daily tasks safer and easier. With sneakers and sports shoes chances of free falls are almost zero. Wear them out at gym, at office or at parties, and rock that carefree look with a cool and calm face.

Stay safe in summers

Summer is the season to chill and relax, and for perfect summer fashion ensemble we go for cool colours, light fabrics and loose apparels so that it doesn’t stick to our body making us sweatier. In this hot season if you dare to wear boots with heels or pumps or strappy stilettos then be ready to face brutal consequences as well. Dr Deshpande shares, “Anxiety and constant pain while struggling to maintain balance in high heel shoes can lead to sweaty feet which affect your grip in the shoes. It can lead to falls and severe injuries.” Instead of wearing covered or packed high heels, opt for flats which will help keep your feet dry all day as it will also stave off deadly skin borne infections which may arise due to sweat.

Gal Gadot wore flats to premiere of her film Wonder Woman

To your rescue

We all are aware about how running with heels could be detrimental for women and unfortunate situations can occur with anyone and anywhere. Sneakers or sports shoes will help you if you sense something wrong on your way back home late at night. Running away from such situations becomes way easier with pair of shoes or flats. Apart from this, at times when you are running late for your office you can easily chase a bus or train and hop or jump to grab a taxi. Don’t expect your heels to co-operate in such daily stunts as you may get injured and return home with a broken leg.

Celebs in their ‘comfort’ zone

Not in Bollywood but female celebrities in the west have proudly rocked sneakers and flats on the red carpet with designer dresses. After all celebs are also humans, they too suffer with health complications and to silently slam stereotypical red-carpet ideology of wearing jaw dropping heels for such events these female celebs prioritised comfort over fashion. Kristen Stewart, Milly Bobby Brown, Ariana Grande these are some of the leading ladies of Hollywood who donned stylish sneakers on red carpets without any hesitation. Whereas A-listed actresses of Hollywood like Gal Gadot, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron were seen spotted rocking the red carpets in flat sandals. All thanks to these Hollywood beauties who have knowingly or unknowingly promoted health over heels and probably this stand by celebrities would make women realise the importance of comfort over killer fashion.