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Fashion Check: Why party shoes fits you best?


Great party shoes are a must. Sapna Sarfare finds out pairs that will make an impact for you

The party season has arrived. You need to put your best foot forward… literally. Just as wearing the latest attire is important, so is wearing the best shoes. The one decision, which troubles all is wearing the right footwear with the right outfit without looking boring or repetitive. So designers are our need of the hour to suggest what shoes to wear this party season.

Party Season

Saket Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Lazy Jojo, describes the party season as that time of year when party and outfit planning keep everyone busy. “While women can go for long sleeves sequin dresses paired with strappy shoes or heels, men can be dressed in a well-cut blazer and casual jeans. The best add-on to this look could be a pair of comfortable, trendy canvas shoes. Another trend coming up amongst women is the two-piece suit to stand out and look stylish.”

Sneakers are increasingly becoming a party favourite

Swim and resort fashion designer, Priyanka Desai of brand Praia Couture calls the party season fashion as very risqué and edgy. “The party boppers aren’t afraid of taking risks and trying out global trends. For women, crushed velvet is the biggest party trend this season. Plus, a lot of play with metallic colours is being perceived. Pleated midi skirts in metallic colours with solid coloured blouses with Chelsea boots are the easiest yet the edgiest party trend. Men’s fashion isn’t very far behind. Hawaiian prints are on the forecast for the SS18 and I see a lot of fashion-conscious men wearing open one with plain tees at sundowners’ parties. Velvet is dominating the men’s fashion scene too. Soft velvet hoodies in black/grey with black jeans can make a chic statement.”

Go Classic

Classic shoes always win over everyone in parties. Priyanka speaks of white sneakers dominating literally at recent in every single party. “The Adidas Superstars created this insatiable craving for white sneakers amongst the fashion conscious. But, that trend is waning gradually. The new trend I see is the metallic shoes for men and women. Silver, rose gold, dusty gold, metallic sneakers are a safe bet as they are comfortable, chic and a conversation starter. The classic black pumps and stilettos are always the safest bet. For men, the dark-hued leather brogues or shoes is a classic trend and can be easily carried as the office look to a club look.”

Saket further suggests, “Women who are head over heels for stilettos, a classic black is perfect to pair with everything. For high society parties, men wearing a tux and polished formal shoes look elegant and appropriate for the occasion. For men who want to loosen themselves up, opt for a pair of casual canvas shoes. They can be teamed up with every attire and is not gender specific.”

Wear footwear that are trendy, but not common

Keep In Mind

Saket feels food, drinks & music are any party’s base. “And year-end parties don’t end in an hour or so. Be it, men or women, comfortable pair of shoes should be the first thing in anyone’s mind while choosing the right footwear. While looking at the comfort, one should also look for footwear that compliments the attire to flaunt in the party.”

Priyanka too has that one mantra. “But, that doesn’t mean that you choose your drab running shoes for an event. For men, choose colours that are neutral, which can go with your clothes; coffee brown, black, grey, midnight blue, tan complement your entire wardrobe. Opt for styles that are easy on the eye, but don’t be shy to experiment with the textures of the material.”

She speaks of three pairs that any fashion conscious women need to invest in. “Go for black ankle length boots without any trimmings, closed toe black pumps and strappy kitten heals in nude colour. These will surely compliment your party wardrobe and be comfortable to dance the night away.”

You can never go wrong with a stilletos at party

Latest Trends

Priyanka thinks of ankle length boots in slouchy material for women. “I also noticed a lot of deep reds, metallic, camel and tan coloured shoes at a lot of after parties at the Paris Fashion Week SS18. Camel and tan coloured heels are a saviour to wear bright coloured dresses. Boots with skinny jeans and a dressy top can complete the chic comfy party look. Deep reds or brick coloured pumps can be sexy and statement-making with an all-black dress or black skinny jeans, black strappy top and similar red lip shade. For men, I have seen metallic sneakers on the radar and they look fabulous with matt velvet hoodies, ripped jeans and a slight stubble for the polished rap star look. For formal club look, opt for a white Oxford shirt, grey or blue chinos rolled up at the hem and tan brogues for the chic yet sophisticated look.”

For women, Saket suggests wearing knee length boots with skirts or one piece. “Those who wish to add a little sass to their party attire can opt for a pair of stilettos or block heels. Talking about men, ankle length boots when paired up with leather jackets for the winter parties will complete their stylish look. Brogue shoes teamed with a coat/blazer will give a mix of casual and formal look. Black/brown loafers with casual dresses would certainly make a guy stand apart.”

A classic black footwear can be worn on any occassion

Parting Note

Saket hints that shoes are personality reflectors. “Wear shoes that are trending but not so common, and stand out in the crowd.”

Priyanka wants shoes to be the main focal point of a club look. “Simple yet edgy shoes in colour and material are always a winner. Stay away from too many trimmings, which you may think is “trendy”. Remember what Karl Lagerfeld says? Trendy is the last step before tacky. And, you don’t ever want to be trendy tacky.”

Put your best foot forward and party.