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Expert Tips: Get the bridal glow in a month before the big day


Dermatologist Dr KIRAN LOHIA gives tips to get the bridal glow in a month before the big day

It is finally bridal season! One of my favorite times of year. There is nothing more exciting than a waiting room full of blushing brides anxiously anticipating their wedding. It is one of the many highlights of my job to ease their anxieties and calm their nerves by making them feel their absolute best – inside and out – prior to their big day.

Start in advance

I can’t stress enough how important it is to start planning your skin care and aesthetic treatments early for best results in hair removal, glow, rejuvenation, youthfulness and – most importantly – confidence. Best practice is to start at least six months in advance. Six months allows more time to work on fine lines, rejuvenation, internal wellness and collagen production. However, I know due to other life commitments and our incessant urge to procrastinate (myself included), starting bridal planning that early just doesn’t happen for most of us. Because of this, I have made a one month pre-bridal regimen for all of my busy boss ladies and procrastinators alike to maximise their results.

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Week one

The beginning of week one should start strong. I would recommend a tried and trusted combination of lasers for enhanced rejuvenation. By combining two types of laser treatments, patients often get triple the results. One of my favorite combinations is the painless, no downtime ClearLift laser followed by AFT photofacial therapy in the same day. Although AFT is an intense pulsed light therapy, it works similarly to a laser and compliments the ClearLift laser beautifully. These technologies are non-ablative and will leave you glowing, even just minutes after the treatment.

Along with your laser facial treatments, you should start a series of IV infusions packed full of vitamins and skin nourishing ingredients. For brides, I would recommend getting an IV infusion for skin glow alongside an infusion for wellness, energy and hydration. The LIT infusion for skin is packed full of glutathione, collagen and loads of Vitamin C for the ultimate internal boost that provides luminous external effects. You can take the WOKE infusion the same day as LIT which will add important vitamins and minerals to keep you ready, alert, supple and hydrated during a hectic month of wedding planning.

Week two

During the second week, you can repeat the LIT infusion along with a basic facial to cleanse your skin of any impurities such as whiteheads, blackheads and dull, damaged, superficial skin. Sometimes mild redness and swelling is left after cleanups so doing this during the second week leaves ample time for your skin to heal.

Week three

In week three, brides are usually in the heat of planning. The wedding is now 14 days or less away and the pressure is on. Sometimes trying to appease both sides of the family can take away from the real highlight of the wedding – YOU, the Bride! So this week I recommend keeping it simple with lots of yoga breaths and your third LIT infusion followed by another WOKE infusion. LIT can be taken weekly for up to six weeks for optimal skin glow. WOKE can be taken every two weeks when needed…like when you are dieting to look fit and alluring in your bridal wear.

Week four

The fourth week arrives and it is time to focus on you. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you can repeat the combination laser approach as long as there is no common downtime associated with the lasers you choose. ClearLift plus AFT is rarely associated with downtime so most patients can repeat this combination in the beginning of the fourth week. Alternatively, you can choose to repeat one or the other if you became sensitive after the first combo treatment or are on a tight budget.

The fourth week is also time to polish the rest of your body for a head to toe glow. Fittingly named, my clinic offers a “Head to Toe Facial” which is a combination of full body polishing, specialized peels customized to your needs, and full body AFT to get you glowing like a light bulb! To round-off your pre-wedding skin care, I recommend one last LIT infusion with an extra booster of fluid and electrolytes to make sure you stay hydrated as the festivities begin.