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Double Denim trend is back; here’s how to look best in it


Kit Harrington

Total or Double Denim trend has made a comeback, but with tailored elegance. Sapna Sarfare finds out more about this informal trend

Someone has rightly said – life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be. Just follow the trends and life is set with some good fashion. The latest to tempt the young and old is the double denim trend. It means total denim look but with tailored elegance. But you cannot wear it without designer discretion.

Interesting trend

One does wonder how double denim became more chic and interesting trend to catch up on. Designer Varsha Wadhwa speaks, “Millennials are having a blast with the #throwback trends of the 90s and the hottest one this year has been double denim. With an easy attitude, the classic denim, which is a quintessential wardrobe, it finds its way being layered over denim jeans, denim shirts, denim skirts and denim jumpsuits.”

Designer, Chandni Sahi, reveals double denim has been in trend for the past two seasons. “A tailored double denim power suit set is the most chic silhouette to embrace. Sonam Kapoor, recently did a denim suit look, which was by a brand called Mother of Pearl and I think she totally nailed the look.”

Katie Holmes

Supermodel, Gigi Hadid, was seen in double denim style paired with bright red boots. Actress, Diane Kruger was spotted in more chic double denim attire. Actress, Zoe Kravitz was seen in double denim 90s attire – flared jeans paired with oversized denim shirt. Dakota Fanning paired a denim short skirt with a crop top and completed the look with blue sunglasses.  It was casual yet appealing.

Reimagined & reinvented

This trend has made a return and has changed in quite some ways. Chandni says, “Anything that comes on the runways doesn’t take too long to come into high street and then the trend just catches on like wildfire. It definitely has changed as there was a lot of experimentation done with the denim e.g. embroidery, lace trimmings, pearl detailing, ripped denims, etc.”

Varsha says, “With celebrities rocking a head-to-toe denim ensemble as a crop top or another 90s-themed outfit, the double denim trend has come a long way from the runway to street-style. With the touch of today’s fashion in terms of mega-distressed jeans, stone-washed, tints, sand blasting, bleach wash etc. with embellishments such as appliqués, studs, embroidery, pearls, etc., the choices are endless! In the contemporary sense, the denim has taken shapes into bralettes, crop tops, skinny jeans, trench coats, etc.”

Gigi Hadid

Ways to wear it

Wearing a trend like double denim can be dicey if you do not follow suggestions. Varsha feels for women, the options are endless. “A decorative jeans-jacket paired with matching print high-rise jeans, or an embellished denim jacket layered over a saree for that edgy look, a long denim jacket over a denim jumpsuit for a cute winter look. For men, pair your denim jacket and jeans with a simple white T-shirt and trainers as this will allow the rest of your outfit to speak for itself. Try and vary up the shades of the pieces that you’re wearing, as this creates a nice contrast to your outfit.”

Even for accessorising, Varsha has ideas. “Elevate your double denim outfit with luxe-looking items including statement heels, a tuxedo blazer, or fabulous red lips. For a day look add espadrille sandals and tortoise sunglasses. Keep the jeans confined to your clothing and just say no to denim shoes, a denim hat, denim handbag, or any other accessory.”

Chandni has already suggested a denim suit set for men and women to look the most fashionable in denim. “Also for women, denim shift dresses with embroidery or denim asymmetrical skirts with denim slips could make for a very refreshing change. Designers have anyways been experimenting a lot with denim totes and boots. Oversized denim hoops, I think can look so funky and classy. My favourite way of accessorizing denim is with gold or pearls. I like that whole grunge meets classic look.”

Advices galore

As mentioned before, double denim is not an easy trend to follow. One false step and you are the next clown in the town. Chandni recommends, “While doing denim on denim, one should avoid doing very oversized styles as denim is anyway a very bulky fabric. Something in the silhouette should be fitted to give the body some definition.”

Varsha feels the less adventurous can team the same hued denim to avoid any faux pas situation. “As a general rule, lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect. For many women, this means that dark denim jeans, and a lighter denim top or jacket is the most flattering way to go. Make sure it all fits correctly, as ill-fitting clothing can throw off your entire outfit. Another tip would be to avoid too avant garde on a style for denims as you don’t want to come across as a Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake at the AMA’s 2001 moment.”