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Designer Julie Shah on all things fashion and personal statement


Kiara Advani with designer Julie Shah

Shikha Jain talks to designer Julie Shah all things fashion and personal statement

It is rightly said, if you have a passion for something, you are likely to do wonders. Julie Shah, founder of luxury apparel brand, Julie is an epitome of such creativity where she proves that for everything ‘formal training’ is not required.

She did not let the urge keep her from designing. She started working from home 7-8 years ago and is now running her own store for the past two years at Kemps Corner. The flow of the garment and confidence that people carry their outfit with inspired her to pursue designing as her career.

Flowers Adorns Clothes

From the effervesces of beauteously glorious gardens of serenity, the collection “Gulab Baug” is assembled with nature inspired flower adornment, which will be showcased at Lakme Fashion Week 18. Tributes to the traditional execution of style, embarked with quotients of femininity, hand embroidered to perfection.

Comprising of refreshing colour palette, including Rose Quartz, Midnight Black, Sage Green and Rapture Rose, comforting an expressive sense of visual play. The plight of stimulating a cheerful yet enthralling festive mode, intricately embroidered, featuring a contemporary desire of delight.

The multiplicity of lehengas, gowns, jumpsuits and capes designed with a vision of elegance, reality, glamour and haute technique; not forgetting a foundation of classic ensembles. Actress, Kiara Advani took over the show by walking the ramp for Juile Shah on 4th February 2018 at Jio Garden. She looked splendid in a black floral lehenga, which had elegant floral details on it was carefully created by Julie Shah, they walked the ramp leaving us with an enchanting experience.

While interviewing Jukie Shah, she said, fashion is something that dictates one’s personality and is a reflection of one’s inner soul. There are two different aspects about it – good feeling factor and what you want to portray. For instance, people with vibrant personality would prefer playing with the shade of bright colours and people who have an undertone palette show classy and subtle behaviour.

Models adorning Shah’s ensembles

Go-to Dresses

Since fashion is ever evolving one should always have sarees, anarkalis, tops and kurtis in their wardrobe to never go wrong at any season. One quick look to leave an impression is to pair your jeans with a crop top and put a shrug or cape to cap it off. She suggested further to wear lighter colours during the day and brighter colours during the night. To remain in your comfort zone and still look stylish, one can make palazzo a part of their every day routine.

Mural Art in Dresses

One of her most memorable experiences is from her previous collection, ‘Abha’, inspired by the mud mirror murals of Gujurat. Instead of mirrors, they used round sequins for the fluidity and to make the dress lightweight.

Couture and high street fashion

It is the fabric that does most of the talking. So, turning haute couture into high street fashion is only feasible with the replacement of the fabric to make it affordable for everyone, because a lot of experimentation is done by applying different techniques, a lot of thinking is put in to give a result to the final product so that we don’t give the buyers a chance to nitpick. After all, it is value for money.

Asking about the kind of innovations they do, she specified she has a thing for embroidery, and they create dresses that are not only restricted for festivities, but could also be worn for other occasions. They focus on getting the best modern sheen look with the right choice of threads and texture.


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