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Designer Hema Kaul merges femininity and practicality


Hema Kaul gives a twist to the outfits with a combination of traditions in style and contemporary edginess, finds out Shikha Jain. By travelling the world, attending various fashion shows and purchasing materials that she can tinker on, Hema Kaul, a Dubai-based fashion graduate found a way to nurture the dream she is genuinely passionate about.

Inspired by the greats

Being extremely fashion-conscious and fashion-oriented since she was a child, Hema recently came up with her collection by mixing different textures and patterns inspired from her favourite designers like, Alexander Mcqueen and Coco Chanel and showcased them at an international fashion show.

Hema Kaul would have loved to work with Alexander McQueen had he been alive, since she has always been fond of his designs. She takes inspiration from his work from time to time.

Hema started her fashion business when she was only 18. “The best thing about fashion is that it’s ever evolving, there is always a fresh new fashion or style or fad, fashion since childhood has always been my interest. Never a dull moment when it comes to my life due to the liking of fashion. I feel that when you dress well, you attract the right energy and once you attract the right energy, you become that energy,” she says.

She has her own fashion store in Dubai where she works from and recently, did a fashion makeover show for a television show, which was about taking people’s fashion journey ahead.

All things vintage

50s was the era when fashion actually started to get prominence. People paid more attention to dressing. Incorporating the style of 50s, because according to Hema, retro was a glamorous time and she loves vintage fashion. So, Hema designed the tulle tutu skirts and the peplum tops in her collection with a hint of embellishments, the colour palette was very soft just like her signature work – feminine and classic ensembles. Everything in the collection had a vintage influence. The styles are very feminine, but they are also for today’s practical women. “The message in all my work is that I create for the women of today. Someone who has the power to take on the world, but also loves to doll up because after all she is a woman and she loves to dress. I love the poofy styles in that era, they are so full of drama just like the Hema Kaul woman who likes the drama of standing out in a crowd – very star like,” says Hema.

Liven up your monsoon

In a world where external appearance matters a lot, dressing right even during the monsoons is very important. With a few monsoon ready tips you can definitely combat that. Up your fashion game with transparent raincoats, which are a must have this season, colourful ballerinas, jelly shoes, and floaters says Hemal.

Counter the grey weather with beautiful and bright-coloured garments in shades of red, pink, orange and blue. One can even wear light-blended fabrics such as lycra and polyester, which are easy wear during the rains as they don’t crumple and easy to wash and fast to dry. During the monsoon, avoid wearing pastel shades as they get transparent during the season and also, can easily catch stains.

Investing in a classic trench coat during the monsoons is also a good bet. So overall, rich hues, fresh prints with just the right amount of layering can make your monsoon fashionable.