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Decoding the trend of Deconstructed shirts


Deconstructed shirts are the trend to look out for now. Sapna Sarfare looks at this trend from a different angle.

Whatever the occasion, a good shirt can really create an impression. Chances are getting that perfect shirt is always a task. These days, shirts are not just plain shirts but have got interesting like off-shoulder, oversized, with ruffles, cropped and more. Of course, designer advice on this trend is much welcome.

Trends & more

Priyanka Desai, a swim and resort fashion designer has her very own brand called Praia Couture showcasing swim fashion from sizes S to 6XL. She states, “The crisp, button-up shirt has been a staple of men & women’s wardrobes for the last three decades. Shirts are dependable, familiar and simple yet chic. Women borrowed this trend from the men but the deconstructed shirt trend has made the shirt truly a women’s wardrobe game changer. I saw this trend taking place during the Spring Summer 2016 but at that time only the sleeves of the shirt were played with. By the time Spring Summer 2017 came around, the trend had fully blossomed. Right from the necklines and the backs to the waists and shoulders, the entire shirt was re-imagined. This surely is a trend that has surpassed many and has brought about freshness in the realm of corporate power dressing. My favourite deconstructed shirts are with the elongated sleeves and ties at the waist. Also the off shoulder, cold shoulder and one-shoulder shirts are sexy without being overtly revealing.”

Designer Amit Aggarwal also recalls the deconstructed shirt being there on the fashion scene for a while. “It is all about re-imagining a classic wardrobe staple or just customizes what’s already in your wardrobe so it feels new and exciting again. Personally, I like how an oversized shirt is restructured into a dress.”

Hide a little, show a little with this new shirt style

With some care

Of course, it is not your everyday fashion. Its hatke style begs you to wear it differently. Amit suggests, “It is more about wearing it right. The idea is to keep it simple and effective. It can go wrong if you overdo it.”

Priyanka finds it an easy yet must-try trend with care to be taken while accessorizing it. “The best part is that anyone & everyone can try it. With so many different styles of deconstructed shirts, I’d suggest everyone to buy at least one of it. It’s the easiest form of clothing that can be dressed down for office of dressed up for a dinner.”

See the latest

When it comes to latest trends, Priyanka thinks any style in this with a play of sleeves can be easily worn at office. “Oversized shirts with a jeans, sunglasses & trainers is the most comfortable and chic airport or travel look. Off shoulder or one shoulder shirt with a choker can be a perfect brunch look. The backless shirts or ones with a cape can be worn to a lounge with some hints of gold accessories such as oversized hoops or a stack of bracelets and high heels. I prefer to have my deconstructed shirts in whites or shades of blues or pastels. The reason I avoid darker colours in deconstructed shirts is because of the intricacy of design and the pleats or ruffles or ties, which may not be fully noticeable with dark colours.”

Amit reveals, “The cuts, twists and ruffles add an element of fun to these casual styles. It is ideal for Fridays at work or Sunday brunches. The shirts are totally reworked, have holes in places you wouldn’t expect them, or have necklines that feel totally off – that’s the beauty of it.”

Oversized shirts with a jeans, sunglasses and trainers is the most comfortable and chic airport or travel look

Make it look nice

Just wearing them is not done. Since deconstructed shirts have inherent style of its own, Priyanka again suggests going for simplistic accessories. “Simple yet long neck chains or thin chokers, long, dangling earrings in a minimal design or simple gold hoops, a stack of midi rings or bracelets can be used as jewel accessories. The type of bag depends on the volume of the shirt design. If the shirt is ruffled or boxy, it’s best to use a smaller bag or a clutch to balance the volume in the ensemble. Oversized tote bags in bright colours look very chic with cropped shirts or off shoulder or one shoulder shirts. There are plenty of options for shoes. For work, I’d suggest wearing column or block heels. For brunch, open-toe sandals give a relaxed look and for a night out, nothing can beat the appeal of stilettos. For travel or airport look, I like to wear my white or dusty pink trainers with a deconstructed or oversized shirt.”

The idea behind deconstructed shirts, according the Amit, is wearing the conventional in your unique way. “Do the same with accessories – team with a pop colour handbag and a pair of sneakers. Or maybe some a chunky bracelet that makes a statement.”

Take care

Yes, even the most fashion conscious can commit mistakes. Amit’s advice is simple. “Keep it simple and casual. Don’t overdo with the styling. Allow the uniqueness of the deconstructed silhouette to be in focus.”

Going too dressed up for any corporate event with a deconstructed shirt is a big no-no, according to Priyanka. “There is thin line between elegance and sultry when it comes to some form of a revealing deconstructed shirt. For a going out look, there are no rules; one can have a lot of fun with the deconstructed shirts.”

Construct deconstructed shirt style with ease now.