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Cowboy fashion trend is the latest craze


Western-inspired or cowboy fashion trend is the latest craze. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to let you ace the style

Just about anyone who has seen spaghetti westerns wants to do everything that the cowboys want to do. Taking this obsession forward, cowboy inspired, or western inspired look is in fashion. One such inspired look was brought by Calvin Klein. There is a modern interpretation on everything western.

Interesting aspect

When asked about the interesting aspect of cowboy-inspired fashion, fashionista, fashion designer, and milliner, Delna Poonwalla reveals, “Think of western movies and Clint Eastwood, the setting- American cowboys sitting chugging drinks in a bar while 2 horses stand outside awaiting their riders. The sounds of boots crunching in gravel, someone riding in on a horse, another swinging a gun and reloading into his holster. Now let’s add the clothes, jackets, cowboy hats, belts, buckles, and a gun holster. It sets a mood, creates a nostalgic feel and takes you back in time.”

Never dress head to toe in that attire, but wear a key piece

According to the designer, Maheka Mirpuri, its most interesting aspect is that it goes with a range of moods and attitudes. “They can be worn for both informal & formal occasions. They are functional but still fashionable. It’s a fun trend.”

Reinterpretation mode

In Fall 2017, Maheka has seen cowgirl-inspired fashion. “They had fresh takes on cowgirl boots, western skirts, cowgirl dresses, belts with big buckles, and leather vests! Throughout the last century, cowgirl fashion has evolved from long skirts and frilly blouses to skinny jeans and flannel button-downs. While many cowgirls today pay tribute to the styles of the cowgirls of yesterday, the styles have changed drastically.”

Delna feels cowboy inspired styles like studs, fringes, tassels are the easiest to translate into modern fashion. “Leather and suede jackets and cowboy boots that have a certain toe shape can also be worn in today’s time. Checkered shirts and dresses or a denim shirt or dress have evolved from the cowboy look. This is a very popular and simple enough look for girls and guys. A cowboy hat can now be worn in many more places including the beach. You can give it modern feel by having a symbol painted on it like an eagle or Pegasusor painting the hat in usual colours. Turquoise beads, big buckles, leather straps are also a part of this theme. Braids and plaits with and without beads feathers and tassels have become the rage.”

Men too can see designers go ga-ga over western inspired styles. Astrid Andersen got into plaid checks & cowboy hats which was united with sportswear. John Lawrence Sullivan went for heavy-heeled cowboy boots found with pointed footwear & python print.

What appeals?

Delna personally loves all the three trends already mentioned. “The fringe because it can be used on clothes on the hemline of a jacket etc., as well as accessories which look uber cool and can keep anyone on trend. But the amazing part is that it can also be used in Indian wear, along with the entire pallu of a sari or the bottom of a kurta or along a cape. Tassels similar to a fringe can be worn just as easily; suede or leather fringes look good in bags and boots. Suede fringe can even look good on a lace jacket. Studs, but used in strict restriction. Sleeves of a jacket or on a part of a jacket or on boots. Trainers which are very much a rage now can look great covered partially or fully with studs. Feathers and braids are one of my favourite trends at the moment and worn in so many ways and experimented with.”

A typical cowboy hat is something most guys fancy

Maheka has incorporated plenty of fringe look in her latest collection. “Fringe is HOT and is big this year. It is a big throwback from the 70’s and I love it. I have also done the prairie dresses as well as the long skirts in my latest collection.”

Incorporating the trend

Now we just need advice to incorporate Western Front trend in our wardrobe. Maheka states, “For women, the Wild West is all about making a fashion statement with cowgirl-inspired pieces. These pieces may already be a part of your everyday wardrobe and can also be worn for non-western looks. A bolo tie can be a fun accessory to add with denims and a plain shirt. Or add a wide leather belt to your denims. Always remember that if you want to try this trend, then belts are a must in your wardrobe. Denim layered look is yet another way to incorporate this trend – just throw over a denim jacket over a dress and you are good to go.”

Delna wants you to remember a few things. “Never dress head to toe in that attire but wear a key piece. The trend should suit your personality. You cannot mix these trends. A cowboy hat cannot be worn with Indian clothes but a fringe on kurtis can look great. The trend should suit the place. A light leather or suede cowboy-inspired jacket will work well if you are traveling through airports during winter in India or in Delhi or up north or even on your travel abroad in autumn, they keep you cozy without being overbearing. Same goes for boots, though ankle length boots are easy to wear in India in winter and knee-high boots with tassels and studs are more appropriate while travelling abroad to London, NYC, Paris, Milan and many other places around Europe or North America. A handbag with tassels may be an easier option. Though knee high tasseled boots may not be appropriate for the beach, a cowboy hat with the symbol can make a great statement with a bikini and cover up on the beach or work just as well in the city with casual dresses or jeans.”

Guys can go simple with cowboy style. A typical cowboy hat is something most guys fancy. Felt hats are pretty nice but expensive. Or else go for the cooler straw hats to beat the heat. If thinking about boots, choose the roper-style boots with flat heels. These are comfortable than the tall riding heel ones. Trophy buckles give you a killer look but if do not fancy it, simple leather belts would be suitable. Being subtle is the thing here. When it comes to shirt, stick to classics or ones with western details like details on the yoke or buttons. You can add classic accessories like bandana around the neck.

For an Ivy League look, dress in button-down shirt paired with tweed jacket, pronounced creased jeans and cowboy boots. Then there is the artistic cowboy look which has jacket/vest with geometric patterns and silver buttons. Be the Texas cowboy with bolo tie, white hat and a large buckle belt. All in all, be practical while choosing western inspired clothing.

Last minute advice

Delna feelsknee-high boots with tassels can make a bolder statement and is not for the faint-hearted. “So one can always stick to ankle boots with studs. If playing with feathers, wear it as earrings or in your hair or even on an ankle but again only one of these is more than plenty.” Maheka too suggests everyone to go for one or two Western-infused pieces.

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