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Colour Me Blue: ‘Tress’ing on denim


Denim Hair is the latest trend to hit the world of tresses. Sapna Sarfare brings in more grub regarding this rather offbeat but fascinating style.

Anything you do might be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. Even a slight gesture will make a marked difference in other people’s perception of you. Trends are a nice way to judge someone’s personality. A trend these days to hit everyone’s hair are Denim Hair. Yes, you heard it right! Denim hair has recently evolved into a major hair trend to make unusual waves amongst the younger crowd. Cool is the word for it.

It amuses all of what makes such an offbeat trend to catch our fancy. Mayophi Zingkhai, founder Mayophi, hairstylist and beauty expert, feels the summer season means bright colours and experimental haircuts especially shorter ones. “Denim hair is usually a mix of sea blues which are very soothing for the eyes and extremely fashionable for the wearer. The pop colour makes one stand out.”

Manasee Thakur, hairstylist & make-up artist of Pune-based Manasee Studio 101, finds it the most versatile take on rainbow hair trends. “Moving over denim jeans & jackets, denim hair has officially arrived as the hottest trend and is ridiculously beautiful.”

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Celebs have quickly caught on this rather fancy trend like anything. Kylie Jenner has been seen flaunting this style and make it even more popular. Manasee has loved it on Katy Perry and Nicole Richie. Interestingly, Mayophi likes the experimentation done on her colleague’s hair.

Trends are fine when others try it. However, the question arises when you have to try it yourself. You always have a nagging feeling of whether it will suit well. Manasee feels denim hair is well suited to almost anyone. “Denim hair comes in a variety of shades from midnight blue to pretty much gray. It’s just like your jeans. It still looks just as cool with time and fading.”

Mayophi has a slightly narrower view on who can don this style and does not want to recommend to everyone. “Even for other colours, I always see my consumer and then suggest. The colour most importantly should be done keeping in mind the skin color, face cut and body language of the person. If the colour is too loud for the person to be able to carry it around, then I feel it’s a waste of an effort. Anyone with a bold personal & confidence to carry colour is my ideal choice to experiment on.”

Mayophi further suggest, “To get the right colours, one has to go through a process which includes chemicals. It’s recommended for thick & nourished hair as the pre-lightening process is little damaging.​ The colour of the favourite denim should be considered as per the skin color.”

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Certain trends look great only if you know how to use it. Denim hair trend is great only when you know which hairstyles or haircuts it will look best. Mayophi’s favourite happens to be the graduate bob cut. “If you have long hair, you can tie a plat or leave them open wither ways they look great. Since it’s summer, I would recommend a messy bun or a plat.” Manasee too recommends bobs, apart from lobs, inverted waves, long pixies, fringe and long razored locks that look great with this trend.

Be aware of the fact that once you colour your hair, it has to be maintained well. Try to retain denim hair without harming the hair will be a task. Manasee suggests you use shine sprays, apart from high-octane shampoo & conditioners. Mayophi finds it impossible to maintain good denim hair without a little damage. “Hair undergoes severe damage under this. Still if someone opts for this, I would recommend him or her to take extra care of his or her hair. Use right shampoo & conditioner and hair spas at least twice a month.”

Denim hair trend know-how’s are now in your kitty. Nevertheless, you always need that parting tips to keeping denim hairstyle. Manasee finds it a gorgeous combo of ombre with moody greys, charcoal greys, silver blues and steel blues. Now that you have jotted down the necessary points, you can be all set to go all blue in your hair with denim.

Some Tips to Manage Coloured Hair

  1. Healthy hair equals to long lasting colour. Go for trims to you salon on a regular basis.
  2. As coloured hair can be drier, include deep conditioning in your weekly hair care habit.
  3. Try keeping the use of dryer as minimum as possible.
  4. Find the ideal shampoo suited for coloured hair that will help make your mane shine.
  5. Avoid shampooing immediately after colouring. Let 2/3 days go.
  6. Try using cold or less warm water works to keeping the colour better.