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Chocolate brown is the latest fashion fad; how to wear it well


Blush Tones

Chocolate brown is the latest trend to hit the runway. Sapna Sarfare finds out ways to wear it

The right colour makes all the difference in attire. And the latest colour to dominate the fashion horizon is chocolate brown. This is the new black with designers created wonders in this colour. Fantastic suggestions will make dressing fantastically in chocolate brown easier. Just hear the designers out.

Going Crazy

Young designers Srijani & Olipriya of brand ‘Srijani Olipriya’ believe that being a designer means bringing in a lot of responsibility. “The world trusts us for their fashion desires. We need to experiment, mix and match and create something new and innovative. The chocolate brown color is one such trend what started this fall of 2017 and it will be bigger by fall 2018. Brown is a cool color, hence best for the winters. Chocolate brown has a lot of richness in it, which helps designing and styling as the drapes looks extraordinary in this colour. Every detail of an outfit work looks extravagant with this colour. The experiments done by the designers with this colour have been thoroughly and worldwide accepted and hence ‘Srijani Olipriya’ are enjoying working with it.”

Designer Bani Khurana links the demand for the colour to women buying trends right off the runway. “This fall/winter season at Lakme Fashion Week we saw a lot of designers introducing this shade in their collection which was a nice change from the usual pastels and lighter shades.”

Designer Vrushali Satre had shades of chocolate brown in her collection showcased at the India Fashion Week, London. “What better color than Chocolate Brown for fall season. It has been trending on Indian Runways as well as International. Designers are experimenting and moving beyond the comfort zone of profit making designs.”

For designer Kamaldeep Kaur, the word chocolate makes her go weak in her knees. “I feel a special sensation in my taste buds. Chocolate brown is a popular color this fall season. This hue is a hit in the market considering the shade can be very easily coordinated with any other color. Having separates in colors that coordinate well with any other shade gives the buyer plenty of room to experiment. Hence separates in shades of chocolate brown would do well in the market during fall season. Those designers who work specially with natural dyes or organic fabrics will also be delighted with this fashion trend as there are so many shades of browns close to chocolate in natural dyes that can be derived from woods of various trees. An elegant off white khadi tunic or long dress and a chocolaty natural dyed jacket in hand woven Geecha silk, wrap will not only keep you warm but also stylish and healthy.”

Suitable Factor

Vrushali speaks of seeing men & women of all ages wearing it. “Well, a majority of the colors can get tricky if not worn in the right place and right time. Indian women are driven by cultural traditions and like to dress in accordance to the occasion. Chocolate brown color belonging to the dark color family should be worn with caution at such occasion with a little bit of mixing and matching.

Kamaldeep too thinks the variety of tones available makes chocolate enhance any skin tone. “Add a bit of olive, black, navy, maroon or silver in various layers and you will be the most elegantly dressed women. The versatility in styling is all that matters.”

Srijani & Olipriya feel that anyone confident can go for this colour. “One needs to consider the shade of browns that they choose for themselves. The work, the detailing, the cuts, all of these elements should be considered while getting into the dress.”

Bani agrees with her fellow designers. “This subtle color looks royal and regal when paired with the right kind of accessories. Men and women alike can wear this color and at all places be it a ceremonial function or a corporate party.”

Wear It In Style

To wear it in style, Bani starts by suggesting mixing solid colors with prints which is in vogue. “A printed blazer paired with chocolate brown A-line dress or trouser could make for a great style statement.”

Kamaldeep wants women to always invest in outwear in chocolate brown, as such shades are quite popular for outerwear. “Hence ponchos, shawls, sweater in this color would look great on any individual. Chocolate brown suede pants and skirts could be a great addition to your wardrobe. Enhance it further with simple stylish silver jewellery.”

Adding to it, Vrushali suggests, “Pair your chocolate brown color royally with burgundy, as it compliments chocolate color the best. Other colors that look attractive are army green, cream, black and light blue. Make sure you are wearing these colors are “separates”.”

Both Srijani & Olipriya have clear-cut advice. “Wear a chocolate brown knee length trench coat with a black dhoti pant or a darker dark brown or black sari and lock it up with thin belt in your high waist. Bell bottoms are going to be in trend soon so may be one can pair a chocolate brown bell bottom pants with a same color suit, looks way too classy. Just a cocktail ring and a pretty clutch should be enough to complete the look. The other look that’s one of our favourite is an ombre brown leather skirt with a white shirt and boots with a sling bag. Just perfect for any afternoon event! May be the boots can be changed into high heels for the evening event and blazer can added along.”

On The Accessory Mode

You need to accessorize the attire in chocolate brown well. Kamaldeep adds, “Accessories for men, means adding coats, scarves, and sweaters to their wardrobes to prepare them for work and social engagements. However for women the room for accessorizing is aplenty. Statement scarves or earrings would be a great addition to a women’s wardrobe.”

According to Bani, chocolate brown dresses go well with mustard yellow scarves or capes. “The shades that complement this color really well are shades of lilac and dusty blue. When accessorizing, style the outfit resonating to the ambience of the occasion. For a corporate event, opt for sleek and subtle gold jewellery. On the other hand while styling it for casual outings, choose over a range of statement beaded and chunky metallic jewellery.”

Vrushali feels a cream colored handbag and a great pair of shoes/heels of the same color are a smart combo with this color. “It puts a great deal of weight on the outfit and hence it is advisable not to overdo the accessories. Subtle pieces of jewellery can make the entire look come out really well.”

Your destination to go all chocolate brown has arrived. Go choose the right attire.