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Bright hues and Bowties: Up that style quotient


Stuck in a boring, monotonous fashion mind-set? Feel the experts give women’s fashion all the attention? Find some of the so-called trends for men too outrageous to actually follow? Fear not, here’s six easy-peasy ways to amp up your style quotient and bring the fun back into dressing. No excuses now, guys!

  1. Quirky bow ties – Wear it to work or a wedding. It’s a fun way to beat the Monday blues or lighten up the classic grey suit.

  1. Bright colours – I love the fact that men are daring to venture into the world of colour. Orange, greens and yellow are not just for women. Make your weekends happier and brighter by pairing a bright colour shirt with a pair of white linen pants or light colour chinos.

  1. Sandals – Put those moccasins back on the shelf and pick out the uber cool leather sandals for a day out. Team them up with slim fit pants or shorts to complete the look.

  1. Crochet ties – Introduce some colour in your wardrobe by wearing a crochet tie. Worn with a suit or just a button down collar shirt, a crochet tie can elevate the average-guy look to a sophisticated one.

  1. Elbow patchwork shirts – If you think you’re tired of the plain shirt look, try the shirts with contrasting elbow patches. It will dial up your style quotient without making it seem like you are trying too hard

  1. Trendy waistcoat – Why waste a perfectly new three piece suit? Mix and match your waistcoat with a different colour trouser and an open collared shirt to keep it casual.