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Bra-vo! Best ways to carry off the strapless look


Celebs like Deepika Padukone, Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus are motivating women to revisit the braless look. Sapna Sarfare gets down to business of rocking it in our normal lives

 ‘Fashion is instant language’ Italian designer Miuccia Prada’s can’t be truer than ever. This language creates its own grammar, breaks it and remolds it for its selfishly pleasurable purpose. Call it a method to shock or just break tradition, the latest trend brought in is the braless look. It was always there, but now has returned to be appreciated without whispering vulgarities. Recently, Deepika Padukone rocked this look at the MET gala and at the ‘to be seen’ Cannes Film Festival. Model and reality star Kendall Jenner seems to have mastered the look, not to mention Jennifer Aniston who’s made it her pet since her ‘Friends’ days.

Make some noise

Kendall Jenner

Designers Divvya & Nidhhi Gambhir agree that the idea of going braless is not a new trend and is as old as women’s lib movement. “And like most trends, we’ve come full circle but this time it is not only about being comfortable, it’s more about making a statement and has become more of a street style.” Meha Bhargava, Image Consultant and Founder and CEO of Styl.Inc can’t agree more. “To add to the nostalgia is the political flavour of the recent push-back on the push-up. Sure, we want to be comfortable, but we want to make a statement too! #freethenipple feminist movement is arguably the biggest one in the recent past where women have been posing topless on social media to protest sexual objectification and societal double standards,” she says.

Seen around

Suman Nathwani, a trendsetter with designer lingerie and sleepwear in India, apart from swimwear or beachwear found Deepika sensuous and beautiful as always and nothing big. “It’s something new for many because no one really pays attention to undergarments; the highlights are always the outer outfits. Most teens think it is cool to show the bra off from their garments probably with this trend. They understand that how important it is to wear undergarments that suit your outfit.” Meha too found Deepika’s pink dress by Galvon London paired with stylish Messika earrings gorgeous.


“To complete the whole glam look, she donned a pair of Christian Louboutins. I mean, what’s not to like here! This look takes a gumption that is shared by Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell and a lot many other stars and each one of them pull it off with great élan and ease.” Divvya supposes celebs are great at starting trends. “Many are following this trend in many different looks.” Nidhhi mentions another red carpet style – the side boob trend. “Some are also seen wearing a bodysuit, which helps with going braless, making sure your boobs isn’t just going every which way.”

Risk factors

“Make sure that your clothes fit just right. A trip to the tailor for final fit goes a long way to avoid a nip slip,” suggests Meha while Suman considers peek-a-boo or nipples showing beneath the dress as the biggest threat. “If done without understanding your body and having the correct understanding how to carry the look out, it can be a complete disaster.” Nidhhi does not think choosing t-shirts is a great thing for this look. “Kendall Jenner pulled her tissue thin t-shirt without a bra very well, though the disadvantage is that not all can carry it with same ease. Button-downs are great option to go braless if flat-chested. However, if your garment is oversized it sort of doesn’t matter what size you are.”

Rock the look

To look great braless, be ready. There is nothing wrong or right with this look, says Suman. Just understand your body for the right undergarments. “I wouldn’t say though that going braless is the only option to sport this look especially for someone who has a heavier bust since it is very difficult for her to carry out the look without wearing a bra for obvious reasons. Avoid tops and t-shits that become transparent under the sun or wear clingy shirts that result in your nipples popping out. Wear loose shirts and t-shirts that are darker in colour so that even in case of a malfunction the nipples aren’t prominently visible. It’s easier to sport this look during winters, since people are layered in layers of clothes. With skimpy clothes, make sure the fabric is thick to avoid peek-a-boo and the dress is taped well to the body such that the body movement does not cause a disaster.”

Divvya feels sporting side boobs, button downs, or wearing body suits can be a good way to go shockers. “One can also wear dresses or tops with slips or built-in linings without any bra. And while doing layers, leave your bra into the wardrobe.” Suman suggests use of pasties, nipple guards, nipple stickers or nipple tapes. “Use bras which go along the lines of the outfit. There are more new options of bras that stick to your body which have low and deep cut yet backless.”

Selena Gomez

Meeting unwelcome stars with steely stares is a great attitude, Meha feels. “For a skimpy outfit, use toupee tapes to shape up your breasts to avoid the jiggle and an accidental nip slip. In case you have a translucent outfit planned up, opt for silicone pasties for a seamless natural look.”

Avoid the disaster zone

Suman suggests avoiding activities resulting in your bust jiggling. “The tighter the garment the better, tighter outfits will make sure the bust remains in place. Be careful about perspiring, as perspiring may result in the pasties to lose its gluing properties.” Meha is casual about this trend but “ill-timed perking up of your headlights is a big no-no.” Both Nidhhi & Divvya suggest ditching the bra when wearing neoprene top, a bodysuit, having slips/camisole or structured tank top to wear under. “You can also tape your neckline to your body using a fashion tape when wearing not so loose/baggy garments.”