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If you want something groovy to wear without giving many pinches to your brain then boho fashion is just the thing you need, writes DISHA PRASHANT.

Fashion is all about how you feel in your skin, it is something which blends in your soul and emulates with a shimmer on your face. Fashion they say is all about being comfortable in what you wear and feel confident about it. It is something that sojourns in the clothes while style is something which leaves an abyssal impact on the minds of people. They say that fashion runs in our blood. Every human being wishes to look his or her best at every time of the day and hence fashion keeps on paving way for newfangled vogue.

Rummaging through the historical wardrobe we stump upon some ritzy chic fashion. To precisely define boho chic fashion is all about styling yourself exactly the opposite of tidy and unblemished. To show off a boho swagger look you need not follow any set of dictum. All you got to do is make fluky combinations of clothes and finery and look as gypsy as you can. These gypsies were identified by their attire. They say that our soul reflects through how we present ourselves. And that is exactly what these tribes placed a message through their bib and tucker.

The bohemian kind of fashion has a very spellbinding anecdote. Basically what we today define as boho of gypsy fashion originated from Roma people in other words the Roma tribes. They were basically nomads or tribes who travelled from one junction to another. They prominently carried them vibrant colored clothing and were fond of vintage accessories.

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A fervent apostle of the thought, comfort with style Dhaarna Gupta Ahlowalia feels that the true spirit of bohemian fashion lies in being cozy in what you wear. Sharing her boho frenzy she said, “Though boho chic has never been my way to all things fashion, but occasionally a few things do catch my fancy. I recently bought a skirt which exudes a bohemian shine through its tribal print. To make it more vibrant I finished the look with a crop top and a colorful beaded carcanet which too belonged to the bohemian fashion sense. A casual yet chic footwear is all you need to add a splintery touch to the outfit. I feel that the true spirit of pure jazz of this fashion lies in being free and convivial.”

On a fine and dandy wintry morning what would be the most marvelous thing to do is none other than burrowing through the wardrobe to create the most chivalric outfit to look sassy for the day. Going the boho way does not need you to stack the deck. It is all about the mix and match formula feels Sanchita Mukherjee. Sharing her boho archetype she said, “I am a boho zealot and this trend helps you in experimenting with your look. For me the most dexterous way of getting the boho look is a mishmash of lengthy maxi and combat boots.”

 The leverage of donning this semblance makes you feel vivacious. An additional perk of this fashion monomania is that you need not elbow grease much for it. A random shuffle of your wardrobe followed by highlighting it with peppy baubles and you are all set to flaunt your vogue. Talking about boho faddism we have some wide range of boho enkindled trinkets which you can adorn with your outfit. These include faux-fur vests, spiked bangles, hobo hats, boyfriend denims, boho neckpieces, cropped jackets, huge lead 2polychromatic bows.

A ravenous fan of boho craze young entrepreneur Roshni Tiwari feels that the boho look is an embodiment of both Indian and Western Wear. Remitting her boho tips she said, “I am profoundly fond of boho fashion and also a lawful follower of  boho related fashion blogs. This trend is a zeal of fresh air for all those fashionistas who over experimenting with their looks. Since I am a crafter by passion and biz I started crafting bows in similar fashion. Sourcing the material for this is not that difficult since it lends you the liberty of collecting colorful materials. The funky Aztec prints and huge hats brighten up even the dullest of the day.”

Crumpled hair tied up with headbands or huge hats, tassel accessories, high buns, layering outfits are the prime concoction to complete a boho look. One of the vital elements is to keep in mind is to maintain the right proportion of color combinations and avoid biting off too much. It is all about breathing easy in your clothes and flaunting it with confidence. People who care less about what others think of them are more optimistic at setting a trend are all in for the boho chic look.

Bollywood divas have been an infinite source of fashion for teenagers today. They say that old is gold and something which never goes out of fashion. A peek-a-boo into our old movies and we unearth numerous boho traits showcased by actresses. Warm colors like       black, brown, grey, gold, khaki and all nude or pastel shades are a must for flaunting boho fashion. Tassels in the form of earrings, necklaces, hair accessories or bags are and additional inputs for A-OK boho look.

Yesteryear actresses have boldly carried the boho demeanor with great aura feels Juhi Upadhyay. Sharing a piece of her filmy soul she said, “I have always been fascinated by Zeenat Aman and the boho look which she carried off with such panache in the song Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. It is indeed inspiring and something to learn as well.”

We all are fond of vintage goodies and when you bunch them up with modern fashion you give birth to an avant garde fashion macrocosm. Bohemian fashion bestows upon you the liberty to make multiple compilations of Indian, Western, hippie, spunk, floral and gypsy fashions. An immaculate equilibrium of all these and you are ready with your boho avatar. Born in the 1960’s this fashion has surely created a rage amongst fashion sphere. Since it does not indulge much of efforts boho look has become a must have in each and every person’s wardrobe.

The modern day boho fashion has undergone humongous changes keeping in mind the comfort of wearing them and adding more state of the art tinge. Today we witness designers blending retro with boho. They believe that women from any age group can carry this style with utmost confidence. This fashion sends across a bunch of positive vibes. Boho fashion ensures that age no bar be the criteria while trotting out this novel fashion.