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Behind the scenes at the upcoming BT Fashion Week


Fashion weeks never fail to whip up excitement. People want to know what goes into the making of these amazing fashion events, but it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s no less than an examination because each one of them is prepping up, stressed about it and trying to give their best. And it’s really hard to quantify the sweat and sleepless nights that go into a show. There are thousands of details that make a show great, from the sketches, to the models, to hair and make-up. Each component in itself is made of bits and bolts, from tools to the experts needed. Fashion is one complicated moving machine, as we discover at the fittings at the upcoming Bombay Times Fashion Week…

Idea generation

“It depends on the way I’m feeling. Because I’m the protagonist in my collection story and that’s how it just comes to me. If I’m feeling happy it probably comes to me and you can see that. If I’m feeling dark from inside, it kind of goes into the mood of dark zone. But I didn’t want to use dark shades, that’s why I used metals,” says fashion designer Adaa Malik. Even fashion designer Swapnil Shinde feels the same, “If I’ve been through a break up, it’s seen in my designs – the collection will be crappy. Definitely, the state of mind you’re in reflects in your work. I love to make futuristic designs that have some element of future and are yet sexy.”

The revolution

Adaa Malik witnessed an inner change and has chosen to project it through her collection called Knights In Shining Armor. It starts from a girl with her heart being broken and it’s a plain white gown reflecting a personality of being trashed and shattered. But as the collection progress, she starts getting covered in steel and metal. It’s the progression you see in the metallic silhouettes. Later, it makes its way through a pastel colour palette where one can see the steel and gold coming through and then she completely gets transformed into metal.

“It was a personal experience because I’ve sort of changed as a person. I also saw people are not how they actually appear. And I feel a woman doesn’t need a man to save her, she’s her own knight. She doesn’t need anyone else to define her. She’s happy being herself. She’s powerful, she’s sexy and she’s kind of very sensual in a way because she manages to seduce a man she’s not interested in. So, it’s like she’s her own man,” says Adaa Malik. She adds, “In my collection, you won’t see embroidery or hidden silhouettes because I’ve exposed everything. As I just wanted the women to feel sexy and love their bodies. It’s like they’re floating on the runway,” adds Adaa.

Wear your freedom

Swapnil was approached to be inspired by the verdict of section 377. “I thought that would be absolutely amazing for me to be a part of considering I’ve always been very open about my sexuality even before the verdict was out,” he vouches. Naturally, this collection is something that is very close to him. “With that in mind, British rule is where it all started,” he adds. The collection is segregated into blacks which represent the British uniforms during the Raj and a burst of colours, which is the trademark of crazy flowing pieces. Swapnil feels when he does fashion shows he’s thinking of nothing but letting his inner self out.

 A strong vehicle

Every garment we wear is an expression of how we feel.  “Fashion is actually a very powerful medium to convey what you feel. Hence, all the emotions can be projected through it. It’s just not about the designer, but also about the person who is wearing it. At the end of the day, it’s just a garment but the person who wears it makes it. It doesn’t matter what you wear, you just need to have the confidence to own yourself” affirms Adaa. Swapnil tries to make sure that each piece is couture-like, but the pricing is relatively cheaper, so that it is affordable to everyone. He feels when someone’s buying an outfit, they are putting their hard-earned money into it, so for them that outfit is important. At the end of the day it’s going to be a special piece for someone, so it’s necessary for every piece to have a story.


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