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Beat the winter in style with these wooly wonders


Sweaters are winter’s most exciting items of dressing. Sapna Sarfare figures ways to get this wooly item to go from boring to badass good

Winter has come to town. It’s time to feel the chill and take out your sweaters. Yet we think of the same ole’ types of sweaters. It is like a vicious chilly circle which needs to break. Try some new age sweaters that will serve both fashion and comfort.

Changing Trend

With every passing year, trends change and evolve. Stylist Shreyasi Pathak of Vajor, one of India’s leading online stores, agrees. “Keep a 90s sweater alongside the current ones and you’ll see the stark contrast between them. The sweaters of the past had a lot of cluttered patterns; oversized florals, dull colours and either was too plain or had too much happening on them. Over the years, we now have a lot more chic styles like crop sweaters with embellishments, ponchos, long shrugs and reversible jackets. Varied sleeves or cold-shoulders, fringes and turtlenecks, now sweaters can be found in much vibrant hues that contradict the gloomy weather.”

Meha Bhargava, Personal Shopper, Image Consultant and Founder of Styl.Inc., thinks sweaters were traditionally thought as garments for warmth. But it is different now. “They have also become a winter fashion wear. There are ‘pre-winter’ sweaters which are lighter and winter wear which are warmer. Different types of sweaters are available for different occasions.”

Sweater Troubles

Of course, when it comes to choosing the thing, you tend to go safe or choose the wrong thing. Meha reveals, “Majority of people face problem while choosing a sweater of the right fabric. The best sweater fabrics are wool, alpaca and cotton. If it isn’t of the right fabric, it won’t feel comfortable. Know the advantages and limitations of the fabrics instead on just focusing on the aesthetic appeal.”

Shreyasi too feels people mostly commonly choose itchy fabrics that are uncomfortable. “Go for Fleece over woven and knitted or just opt for sweaters with loose necks and collars that can stay away from the skin. Bubble formation is another most common and frustrating bit of wearing winter wear. So, go for laundry safe fabrics and soft detergents that keep the sweaters as new for the longest of time.”

Go Trending

Regarding latest trends, Shreyasi mentions the evergreen ones. “Fitted cable sweaters are something that everyone adores; they look good irrespective of the gender and are always adding an element of class. Pullovers and cardigans are also the one that look great with denims and boots. People can even pair a V-neck with a shirt beneath it and a round neck with jackets to create a chic corporate look. Turtlenecks look great with jackets and long coats. These looks are ideal for casual days or other days at work and will never fail to impress.”

Meha suggest the latest trends of different types of necklines like cowl neckline, shawl collar and rolled collar. “And these collars are no longer just limited to women. Now trendier options are available for men as well. The most stylish way to pull off a sweater is to layer it. For example, wear a full sleeves crew neck sweater over a shirt with jeans and sneaker for a casual look. Put on a leather jacket over it and the entire look amps up. For a formal look, pair a solid color sweater with trousers (men/women) or a fitted skirt and put on a long coat. Layering is the key.”

Add Ons

Just wearing sweaters won’t do the trick. You have accessories like stoles or scarves too. Meha recommends different ways to wearing them with sweaters. “For a casual look, just wrap the stole/scarf around your neck and it’s done. For formal occasions, both men and women can try different types of knots or just let it hang straight. Women wanting to try something different can let it hang straight from both side and tie a belt over it. The experimental lot can try pairing different colors together or go for patterned stoles/scarves instead of the plain ones.”

Shreyasi reveals, “Pairing a stole or a scarf over sweaters is the easiest way to ace up your look. Pick up any bright and/or contrasting scarves and stoles to go with your basic cool hued sweaters along with some gold bracelets and instantly lift up your outfit. Stoles and scarves also go well with dresses and boots to add a dimension to your look. One can also opt for long chains and chunky necklaces to create a glam outfit for the gloomy winters.”

Last Minute Tips

Now all you need are last minute tips to look extra special. Shreyasi feels winters means experimenting and creating that impactful outfit to beat the gloomy weather. “Keep it simple with sweaters styled with skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots or sneakers and you are ready to go in this super comfy look. Want to take your look up a notch and dress for a party during winters? Try wearing sweaters over delicate floral dresses and skirts along with tights and boots to create a sleek look. You can always opt for necklaces and jewellery with accents of gold for a more glam and chic look. And Ponchos are making a comeback and for all reasons good, now in much trendy styles, flowy and longer silhouettes, interesting cuts and patterns along with fringes and tassels.”

According Meha, the new trends are layering and going for unusual combinations. “Try to layer your clothes but only up to 2 layers else you might end up looking bloated. If planning to wear a jacket or coat over a sweater make sure it’s not fitted. A fitted sweater with a slightly loose jacket or coat will create a balanced look. Go for earthy colors as they look soothing and great during winters. And don’t shy away from experimenting.”

Sweat not over sweaters… It’s easier to go crazy over these winter delights.

Photo Credit: Vajor

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