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A Romantic Touch Of Blush: Rose Gold Watches By Michael Kors


Michael Kors is a brand that is exclusively known for its rose gold toned watches. You’ll find that some rose gold watches lean towards pink tones while others are too close to the gold hues. However, Michael Kors watches are the perfect shade of rose gold.

Watches by MK in rose gold are amongst the most sought after timepieces. The soft glow of rose gold is placed squarely between the warm tones of yellow gold and the blanched, icy tones of white gold. The Michael Kors rose gold is at once modern, romantic and an unexpected but welcome surprise in the midst of impersonal metallic hues. The luminous shade of rose gold has sprinkled watch counters with welcome flecks of pink this season. Read on to know which timepieces from the Michael Kors watch collection available exclusively at Ethos Watch Boutiques will make a style statement on your wrist

Michael Kors Parker

The Michael Kors Parker timepiece comes with a rose coloured metal strap, mother of pearl face and crystal bezels on the face, making it a glamorous addition to your watch collection.

The rose gold straps are adjustable, allowing you to choose the way you wish to wear it. The face of the watch made with shimmering mother-of-pearl is an eye catcher. Mother-of-pearl is a natural substance found in sea shells and on the outside of pearls. It catches light beautifully and is known for its iridescence. The bezel has tiny little crystals that adorn its face that sparkle, adding to the overall shimmer of the watch. An additional bonus is that the watch is water resistant to 100 metres.  As the watch is quite sparkly, it is ideally suited for evening wear, although the neutral shade of the watch goes with almost anything, allowing you to pair it with more casual outfits too!

Michael Kors Bradshaw

Michael Kors Bradshaw smart watch isn’t just about the tech, it’s about the luxury surrounding the tech.

The body of the Michael Kors Bradshaw smart watch is identical to the original Bradshaw watch that it is based on. However, the Bradshaw has a slightly thicker casing in order to house the smart technology, and you will not find buttons on either side of the crown, but the overall look of the timepiece embodies the Michael Kors essence completely. Style is at the forefront of the Bradshaw, with technology trailing close behind. The Michael Kors watches are beautiful, no doubt, the Bradshaw just happens to be smart too! Pair this smart watch with just about any western wear. You’ll be surprised to find that the watch goes well with traditional wear too, owing to its rose gold shade. You’ll soon realise this timepiece is a keeper!

Michael Kors Slim Runway

The Michael Kors Slim Runway is a street-ready watch that has just the right amount of elegance without banishing the chunky aesthetic that Michael Kors watches are known for. The latest incarnation of the Slim Runway comes in a shade of rose gold that is seemingly a cross between pewter, mauve and chocolate brown. Better on than off, this timepiece needs to be worn in order for one to really appreciate its subtle tones against the skin, which is where it stands out.

The watch comes with a statement 42mm polished case, paired with an azure blue dial and rose gold hour markers. It is accompanied by a polished and brushed-finish bracelet strap. Mainly, you’ll find that the aesthetic of the timepiece toes the line between sophisticated and sporty. It’s a watch that will work with an athleisure look as well as the retro 90s bomber jacket and flared trousers!

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