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5 Smart Tips to Pull Off the Stacked Earring Trend


Image Courtesy: Bluestone Youtube Ad

Earrings always look pretty and they look even prettier when a girl wears it. Have you ever heard of the proverb, “The more the merrier”? This proverb makes more sense when it comes to wearing multiple earrings at one go. This trend of wearing multiple earrings is called stacked earrings trend. Wearing stacked earrings is in fashion, but if you have never followed this trend before, you might not want to goof up your style by wearing it in a weird manner. To help you pull off this trend in the most effective manner, we have come up with five smart tips that will help you appear fashionable this season.

Pull Off the Stacked Earrings Trend This Season with Studs

 This is a beautiful trend that you can pull off right away. However, it is recommended only if you are willing to go for multiple piercings. Once you have got the piercings done, you can start off by wearing the classic diamond studs. Wear a pretty dress and a necklace to accentuate your fashion statement and enthral the onlookers.

Wear Ear Cuffs and Pull Off the Dazzling Look

 If you are unsure about getting multiple piercings but you still can’t stop imagining yourself in stacked earrings, then perhaps ear cuffs can come to your rescue. Even with single piercing, you can carry this look confidently. While the bottom end is secured in the earlobe, the top end is secured by a cuff to keep it in place.

Opt for the Right Colour Coding with Multiple Earrings

 If you are colour-conscious, then this style of stacked earrings will help you match perfectly with the colours on your dress. Since beautiful gemstones are available in almost every colour, colour coding stacked earrings as per your dress would not be that difficult to look trendy this season. You can inspire many more women to follow your fashion statement this season.

Studs and Hoops to Look Your Gorgeous Self

 If you ever think of pairing up two different looking earrings, then go ahead and wear studs with hoops. They look gorgeous and you can wear them easily with Indian or Western attire. You need not be conscious of your look at all. Even if it is the first time, you will look absolutely gorgeous after you wear them.

Dangling Earrings with Studs to Complete the Look

 If you are heading out for a date night and want your date to notice the subtle changes in you, pair a pretty dress with a pair of heels and dangling earrings with diamond studs on the top to complete the stacked earrings look. Your date will not be able to take his eyes off you.

These are few smart tips, which will make you look your best. The trendy stacked earrings style would never go out of trend and will make you look gorgeous every time you wear it.