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World Honey Bee Day today: There is need for more honey-made dishes


Indore: Whether it is delicious honey or pollination of flowers, honey bees are essential to our environment and survival. Recognising their role in our lives, third Saturday of August is observed as World Honey Bee Day. Free Press came across people who feel use of honey should be explored further.

Perfect natural blend

“I am a foodie and honey is a blend of sweet and citrus flavour. It is not just a great flavour but it is healthy and wholesome. I am grateful to honey bees, which bring sweet nectar from flowers and create this delicious natural blend. There is much to learn from honey bees. From team work to hard work, they do it all tirelessly. They look scary but give us honey.”

Live in sync with environment

“It is essential for us to live in sync with our environment. Honey bees are important part of nature’s cycle and balance. We all love flowers but only a bee can bring out its sweetness. I think we should have more beekeepers and produce more natural honey.”

Need dishes of honey 

“Being born and brought up in city of food lovers, I love sweets. Honey is one of the best sweeteners. It is flavourful and healthy. Recently, fitness freaks have started using honey in tea instead of sugar. However, local patisseries have still not explored honey’s use. Honey is used in pastries in other parts of the world. I wish to see more such dishes in Indore.”