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World Breastfeeding Week: Celebrating Breastfeeding; first gift a mother can give to her child


Bhopal: We often hear young mothers avoid breastfeeding as they feel that it may affect their body shape; whereas there are some young working moms who due to lack of time are denying their child the precious mother’s milk, the god’s gift to baby.

On the occasion World Breastfeeding Week, which began from August 1, Free Press spoke to some young mothers in the city who believe that it is the first gift that a mother could give to her child. For some mother’s milk is God’s gift and there is no substitute for it. When we breastfeed our baby we feel proud, said young mothers in unison. Excerpts:

“We are proud to breastfeed out babies”

Vaishali Talreja, 27, fashion designer and owner@ Vesture

For me, breastfeeding is a God’s fit and it is natural. We should not avoid it because there is no substitute for it. It is not necessary that every woman blessed with the God’s gift. Some of them have to take medicine for it. But I feel myself lucky that I am blessed with the God’s gift.

I am a mother of two-months-old baby boy and I breastfeed him regularly. If we gives our supplement to our baby what can be better than this. It is diet of our baby. I can maintain my body by doing some yogic exercises easily but I can’t comprise with health of our baby. I will breastfeed my child at least till one year.

Vania Nathani, 29, home maker

I don’t think so that breastfeeding de-shapes our body. In fact, I think, nothing can be better for child than breastfeeding. Mother’s milk is primary source of our child’s diet. It is helps in digestion. I am a mother of four-and-an-half-year baby girl and I breastfeed her 10 to 15 times or according to her requirement till 20 minutes.We avoid formula milk. We can at least breastfeed child for six months or upto one year. After that we can maintain our figure because health of our child is our priority not beauty.

Purva Moolchandani, 30, owner of Midas Touch, Fashion & Lifestyle

I think, breastfeeding is best for development for child. There is no other substitute for it. At least we can breastfeed our child till six month. I breastfeed my four-year-old son regularly and never used formula milk. Not at all, I don’t think that breastfeeding affects our beauty or appearance.  If we want to maintain our body, we should remain active during pregnancy. We should go for walk from day one. In this way we can lose our weight easily.

Sonal Wadhvani, homemaker

Breastfeeding se achchha kutchh ho hi nahi sakta…. It is very convenient, healthy and best for the baby. In fact, nowadays, there are breastfeeding zone in malls and other public places. So, we have not to face any issue in it. Also, milk pump is available. I breastfeed my baby at least 10 to 12 times in a day or as required. When I breastfeed my baby I feel proud.

Breastfeeding mothers less likely to suffer from cancer

Breastfeeding is good both for the mother and the child. It protects the child from infections and diseases likes diarrhea and influenza, besides providing excellent nutrition. For the mother, breastfeeding leads to weight loss and women who breast-feed are less likely to suffer from breast cancer than those who don’t. Women, especially from the middle and upper classes, are reluctant to breast-feed their children.

Dr. Abha Jain, chief gynaecologist, Life Line Hospital and IVF Center, Bhopal

I think around 60 per cent women from these classes do not breast-feed. The reasons range from lack of time to work pressure to the misconception that it would affect their figure and make them look less attractive. For them, breastfeeding is a burden or project.