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World Beard Day Today: Grow beard and patience, creativity will follow 


Indore: Whether it is classic extended goatee or full grown Bandholz beard style, it is common to see bearded men in all places. Their obsession for beard is criticised by family members but admired by some women. World Beard Day is observed on first Saturday of September, which happens to be September 1 this year.

Free Press brings bearded stories of professionals to mark the special day.

Beard teaches patience

“Beard teaches patience and persistence. I ignored my family’s advice and didn’t shave face for months in order to grow beard. I love having beard as it makes me feel strong and manly. It is a part of accepting our natural look. My beard style is Verdi.”

Get mysterious look

“Beard lends mysterious look. I love solving mysteries as well as being mysterious. We can easily hide our real emotion behind a beard, which makes every interaction more fun. I have a proper Bandholz beard, which most men can’t maintain. It requires patience and care to maintain it.”

In Spade style

“There came a decade when every man shaved and kept a clean face to look professional. I did not mind that phase but keeping beard is a tradition in our family. I love my face covered with beard. As a retired person, I can be free with Spade style.

A fuller face

“I have bushy beard, which lends great scruff look. I love having a beard because it makes my face look fuller. It is difficult for people to differentiate between boys and men today. Beards are a great way to stand apart as men. Beards are fun. Growing a beard teach us to be responsible.”

Teaches patience

“I am a very creative person. Being a chef, I have to learn to work systematically and patiently at the same time. Growing a beard is a difficult task. I learned both these qualities from it. I have to be patient and systematic in ensuring right growth while grooming my beard.”

Cool way for holidays

“Beard means being cool and be rocking for me. I enjoy having a beard especially when I am on vacation. I can be myself and explore every aspect of my look with a beard on my face.”