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Woman says harassment by father-in-law led to her killing daughters


BHOPAL: The woman who killed her two daughters and later attempted suicide in Bikhiria, blamed her father-in-law for consistently pressurising his son (hubby) to abandon her with two daughters as she had undergone sterilization after six kids.

After killing both minor daughters Arati (3) and Kanchan (7), Savita Bai (33) had tried to commit suicide by hanging herself. But she was saved and rushed to the hospital.

SHO Rajesh Sinha said, “Savita, 33, who killed her two daughters, revealed that her father-in-law Fitar Singh continued to insult her after sterilisation. Her father-in-law squarely told her that he would not support her two daughters. Elder daughter Radha lives with her grandparents. Fitar Singh  wanted to live with his four-year-old grandson but not with grand daughters. She also alleged that Fitar Singh forced her to leave the house with daughters. So in frustration she killed her daughters. She said that her husband is supportive.”   CSP Rashmi Kharya said, “Fitar Singh, pressurized his son to abandon her with two daughters as she was now useless after  sterilisation”.

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