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Why Do People Criticize?



Criticism and denial always tend to look more intelligent than acceptance and creating something. Always, the opposition sounds more intelligent because they only criticize, they are not doing anything. Those people who create something, they do not look intelligent because when you create something, you will make many mistakes. Some things go right, some things go wrong. One who just sits and criticizes suddenly sounds so intelligent, but very few of them are really creating anything.

It’s fine if they question it, but some people blatantly criticize everything because demolishing something always seems more powerful than constructing something. If I nurture you to grow, there is nothing dramatic about it. But if I come and knock you down in front of ten people, that is dramatic. That is why knocking someone down is always dramatized in the movies everywhere. Without knocking someone down there is no movie because there is something dramatic and impactful about it. It is the same with criticism. Criticism is a way of knocking down someone or something.

A negative stance always appears more intelligent than a positive stance that one takes. It is a certain reasoning, but it is immature reason. When your reasoning is immature you can deny everything. When your reasoning matures, then you learn to accept everything because you understand the process of life. You are not just going by logic, you are going by the reasoning of life. You have more life sense in you, not just logical sense.

(Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary, and a prominent spiritual leader. An author, poet, and internationally-renowned speaker, Sadhguru’s wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our perception of life.