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Voices against Rahul after Maha debacle


New Delhi : The Congress debacle in the Maharashtra municipal corporation elections has triggered murmurs within the party against its vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Many blame him for bringing the Congress to this sorry state by doing nothing to rebuild the organisation since after the disaster in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

They regret that the party remains in tatters as Rahul did nothing except making noises about the “structural reforms,” dashing hopes if he would ever address the deepening organisational rot even after defeats after defeats.

The Congress leaders regretted that Rahul has led the Congress to a one-point agenda of attacking Prime Minister Modi and when the elections come, he hikes a ride on other parties, jumping on the Lalu Prasad-Nitish Kumar bandwagon in Bihar elections and now latching on Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh.

They blame Rahul for letting down the party workers in Uttar Pradesh by telling them that the Congress would not be revived in the state unless it contests on its own and then justified alliance with the Samajwadi Party at the last moment.

As a senior party leader complained, Rahul has not taken a single step towards restructuring the party, nor has he yet formed his team. “We keep waiting for the “ideal time,” which remains elusive.”