Free Press Journal

Unleash the child within to enjoy smallest joys in life


On more than one occasion you come across something that gives you tremendous joy. At times it also defies your age, as you get so engrossed in it, that you simply enjoy like a child. And it is essential.

As a child when I used to travel overnight in a bus, I would always grab a window seat. Watching out of a moving bus window is an experience in itself as a child. I used to feel that all the trees alongside the road are running too but in opposite direction. Even today, just for a brief moment looking out of the bus, I imagine the same. It helps me reassure that the child within me still craves for such delights.

As the sun would call off for the day, handing over the charge to Moon, I would reluctantly close the window on my mother’s behest. Only to slowly slide it open seeing her fast asleep on adjacent seat. Firstly, I enjoyed the cool breeze and most importantly I could wait for no longer for the race to begin. Yes! I loved to compete with the Moon.

Every time I looked upwards from the moving bus window, I would see the Moon following me. At times I would be way ahead and he behind and vice versa. It would continue for long, including the Moon playing hide and seek on sharp turns on the ghats. And guess what? Several years down the line, he still continues to do the same. Yet another reason for a child in sneak out for a moment.

Most of us at some point or the other have drawn a scenery. A standard pattern – mountains, a rising sun, birds flying, water and boat (resembling more like a canoe) with a single flag. Done, our scenery was ready. But there were some amongst us who went a step ahead and drew clouds. The Sky Cotton or simply clouds, has always been an eye-catcher for many. For me, the clouds have always been an expression of my thoughts on the largest canvas – the sky.

A cloud would sometimes appear to me like a lion or a dog. From Donald Duck to a tiny rat from mountains to that of a car, clouds formed the beautiful part of my thoughts and imagination and till date, they help me trace several such in the sky. Natures creativity with the clouds still continue to excite me and the child within.

There will be so many other reasons or ways that may act as a catalyst to bring out the child within you. Let the child out, it’s once again time to compete with the Moon and when tired sit back and hunt for our choicest characters amidst clouds. Either way, the within will have a reason to smile.