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Understanding the true meaning of turn around


It is so ironical that no school, college or university we go to, teach us what “We” actually are. I am not talking of the biological study of the body. We are taught about this world, the other world, galaxies, milky ways, geography, history, maths etc. But we don’t know about our mind, our inner state, why our mood changes. How we can be fearless, stress free, how to handle difficult situations etc. That’s what I mean when I say turn around.

This process does not expect you to sit for meditation for hours or change your life style, become detached and all that. Thankfully my Master Dadashreeji never told me to do all of this. I was just made to be aware of my inner state. I was told to watch my emotions at a given situation, either good or bad.

It was difficult in the beginning, but now it’s like a reflex action. Of course, what made it easier for me is my inner study of the self. I was taught by my Masters that there are seven energy centres in our subtle body which are directly connected to our needs. If our needs are not met with will face situations in life which we term as “stress” and many other labels. I was quite shocked when I was told that we have only 6 needs.

I am not talking of wants and desires here. They are in lakhs. But needs are only 6. The very basic need of any human being is “stability”. Any so called bad situation leads to instability, may it be your job situation, Heath issue or a relationship issue, your stability is shaken. This is taken care of by the very first energy centre in our body, the Root Chakra.

As the name suggests it the root of all issues we have in life. It is situated at the perineum of us body near the tail bone. If not correctly activated, we are incapable of handling life situations. In a worst situation one can go into depression, panic attacks or anxiety pangs.

Having said all this the point I am driving you towards is that any problems we face in life is because of our inner state. No person or no situation outside of you is responsible for this. Neither can you blame yourself for this as you are not aware that you are operating from that energy centres. There are ways and means of correcting yourself, provided your become aware of the need to help yourself.