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Ujjain: UMC stops illegal construction over Neelganga pond


Ujjain: Following a complaint by former opposition leader Ravi Rai, against the shrinking of the Neelganga pond illegally, Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC) superintendent engineer Hanskumar Jain on Tuesday issued an order to building officer, zone 6, Rambabu Sharma, nodal officer, city investment, DS Parihar and building inspector, zone 6, CL Hakvadia to stop construction of the wall, which would divide the pond into two parts. He also gave orders to investigate the encroachment.

Nearly 40,000 square feet of the basement was built by filling the pond. The Neelganga Pond is main starting point of the Simhastha Mela, from where processions of 10 main akhadas pass by. In the past, Rai had complained about the construction of the wall by UMC and illegal possession of the pond by the land mafia. Hanskumar Jain said going by the pictures of the place, it appeared that the wall was being built in the middle of the water body.

Jain issued a letter and said the construction work at the said site should be stopped and the pond area should be demarcated from the Najul branch, so that the protection of the pond area can be ensured. He also added that if it is found that an attempt has been made to possess the land of the pond by building a wall, then proceedings against the guilty will be proposed.

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