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Ujjain: SIMI activists awarded rigorous imprisonment


SIMI activists Mohammad Shafi son of Abdulbari Ansari resident of Fazalpura and Mohammad Akil Qureshi son of Rafeek Qureshi have been convicted by the district court on Friday. Pronouncing the verdict the court commented that article 25 of Indian constitution allows religious freedom to the countrymen but not allowed to interfere or hurt the sentiments to followers of any religion, or any type of extremism in the country.

Lady prosecution officer Kamlesh Shrivas advocated the case on behalf of the government.  The court exonerated Mohammad Naeem and Mohammad Imran. The main accused and SIMI chief Safdar Nagori who was convicted in many cases earlier, was also produced before the court, he was brought from Gujarat from special police lorry for recording his statements in regard with case.

JMFC (judicial magistrate of first class) Vivek Jain pronounced the verdict in a stuffed court under a heavy deployment of police force.  Shafi was held convicted under Section 153-A and awarded 3 year rigorous imprisonment with a cash penalty of Rs 2000 while the other Qureshi was held convicted under Section 153-A,467,468 and 471  and was awarded rigorous imprisonment for 3 years with a cash penalty of Rs 5000.

According to deputy director prosecution Dr Saket Vyas, Qureshi is an activist of banned organisation SIMI and was fanning the religious sentiments of the people. The accused was caught with provocative literature from his Madargate located residence while he was addressing Muslim community members and provoking them against the people of other castes. Police also searched his residence and recovered objectionable literature and photos.

A case was registered against him accused on July 25, 2007. During interrogation Akil also accepted to hoard funds for SIMI and also disclosed names of his accomplices Imran Ansari, Mohammad Naeem and Shafi. An FIR on Shafi was registered on November 04, 2009.  Dr Vyas also told that accomplices of the accused also obtained mobile phone connections on fake papers for SIMI activists.