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Ujjain: Organic farming is the order of the day, farmers told


Ujjain: The department of horticulture organised a division level workshop to educate farmers on increasing output and the importance of organic farming at the Simhastha fair authority office, on Thursday. The workshop was attended by director of department of horticulture, Bhopal, Satyananda, additional director, Anil Khare, divisional officer, SL Nagar along with district officers of Ujjain division, field officers, and around 150 progressive farmers from across the division.  Farmers were enlightened on crop management, conservation farming, storage and proper marketing of their crops through a presentation given by a Haryana based farmer, Chintan Meghvanshi, FPO Bhopal, Vikas Panday and Jayesh Jaiswal.

In a dialogue session held for farmers, Satyananda said, “Farmers must understand the significance of working in collaboration. They can collaborate at the cluster level and register themselves with farmer production organizations (FPO) to get maximum profits from their produce. A minimum of 50 farmers can make a FPO, without any maximum limit. This will eliminate brokers and connect farmers to the market directly. He also asserted that farmers must start exploiting newer technologies and use the internet to increase their knowledge. Organic farming is the future of agriculture and farmers should start adopting this as soon as possible. Farmers must refrain from falling prey to misconceptions that organic farming yields low output.”

A farmer, Bhupendra Anjana shared his experience on organic farming and his motivation behind adopting the technique. He said he wanted to inspire farmers to take up organic farming. Any farmer who wanted detailed information on organic farming can contact Anjana at 79096229. The session concluded with other farmers sharing their experiences.