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Ujjain: One more dies in Mahakaleshwar temple premises due to lack of first aid


Ujjain: One more devotee died in Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple premises on the second consecutive, on Monday due to lack of first aid, non availability of doctors and negligence in checkup by medical persons in the temple premises.

Dwarka (78), resident of Sanpada Navi Mumbai had come to the temple to worship Lord Mahakal. On feeling uneasiness the devotee went to the medical camp located in the temple and had his blood pressure s checked. The medical staff allowed him to go out, but he eventually fainted and fell down in the premises of the temple.

Other devotees rushed him again to the medical camp where he was referred to the district hospital wherea stretcher too was not available.It took over half an hour to rush the ill fated devotee to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival by the doctors.

Devotees blamed the temple management of the temple for such deaths due to miserable health care facilities in the temple premises. They said it took a long time to reach in the temple due to heavy crowds and potable water too is not available for devotees standing in queue.