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Ujjain: Karni Sena women wing asks PVR not to screen Padmaavat


Ujjain: Women wing of Shri Rajput Karni Sena wrote a letter with blood on Sunday to the manager of PVR urging him not to screen controversial movie ‘Padmaavat’.

The wing members warned the PVR of serious consequences if the theatre screened the movie. They also stated that, like Chittor, Rajput women in Ujjain are also ready to commit self immolation for the respect of great queen Padmaavati. Copies of the letter was handed over to Shri Rajput Karni Sena state head Urmila Tomar, mentor Gajendra Singh Umath, division head Virendra Singh, Tikam Singh and Achala Sharma.

Urmila Singh Tomar said that there are many scenes in the film which are objectionable and damage the repute of legendry queen Padmavati who committed self-immolation for the sack of her respect. Even in dream sequences these scenes cannot be tolerated which lower the respect of Indian women. They warned the manager and took oath to commit self immolation. The members of the Karni Sena warned the management to screen the film on its risk.

Likewise, Akhand Hindu Sena also opposed to the screening of the controversial movie. Ignoring the order of Supreme Court, the activists of Hindu Sena reached at the PVR and threatened the manager for severe consequences. They also burnt an effigy of film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Manoj Prajapati, Raghuraksh Singh, Jai Singh, Krishnpal Singh, Yashpal Singh, Devi Singh and office-bearers of the Sena were present during the protest.