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Ujjain: History should not be tampered with, says Karni Sena chief Lokendra Singh


Ujjain: The founder of Karni Sena, Lokendra Singh who arrived in the city with other members of the sena, held a press conference on Thursday. During the meeting with the media he reiterated his stand that the sena strongly objected to some scenes in the movie, Rani Padmawati.

Meanwhile, the State head of Karni Sena, Mahipal Singh stated that movie making was a good art as long as it did not tamper with history. “The immolation of Rani Padmawati was very famous and revered by all.” Founder Lokendra Singh said “the Karni Sena is in the process of being expanded and we are surveying several locations based on opinions”.

Karni Sena state head Mahipal Singh stated that all their 3 demands were accepted by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and that the matter had been resolved. Both leaders also shared their opinion about reservation and felt that the  policy regarding reservation should  be reviewed. In Rajasthan 228 castes are under reservation out of 239, they added.