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Ujjain: Govt school students getting 80% marks can’t read alphabets


Ujjain: The government policy that no child till class 5 should be failed is being misused by district education officers as well as teachers of the government school. The teachers are not failing the students but they are not teaching them anything and giving them good marks to show good result of the school.

The condition is so bad that these class 5 students can’t even read an alphabet or write their own name. When District Education Committee president Bharat Porwal came to know about this situation, he went on an inspection in a school only to discover that the information received by him was all true.

Porwal visited government primary school Bamnapati Sankul in Ingoriya on Monday. Here the students have got 70 to 80 per cent marks in class 4 and 5. A parent Prem Singh informed that his daughter Arti got 80 per cent marks in class 5 but she could not read a letter which came to her house one day.

When he asked her daughter to read something from her course book, she could not do that either. Singh said that he had complained about the incident to school teacher Ramprasad Rathore but instead of paying attention on teaching, he asked him to take Arti to private school if he wanted quality education for his child.

Porwal asked all the students of the school to read or write something but all the students failed miserably in it. He blamed district education officer Sanjay Goyal to be corrupt and said that had Goyal monitored these schools properly, the situation would have been different. He also said that the district education officers were getting protection from ministers and hence the condition of the school buildings or the hostels is very bad. Porwal added that immediate action was required on this matter before the situation worsened any further.

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