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Ujjain: Demands to stop wrong practises in Mahakaleshwar temple


Ujjain: Different organisations have come up for streamlining the arrangements at Mahakaleshwar Temple. Mahakal Sena Madhya Pradesh Dharma Prakoshtha president Rajesh Bairagi wrote a letter to government and Mahakaleshwar temple management committee chairman and made a demand of strict action against corrupted devotees.

Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee organised Bhasmaarti at free of cost in which anybody can participate freely, but many devotees try to bribe either shopkeepers or pujaries for entry inside the temple during Bhasmaarti. Government and committee should take strict action against those corrupt devotees, he said.

On many occasions it has been seen that pujaris had to face wrong allegations and charges of corruption even when they are not involved in these kinds of acts. Those devotees who try to give bribe are the biggest accuse and Mahakal Sena demanded strict action against those accused, he added.

In another event Jila Panchayat vice-president Bharat Porwal wrote a letter and made a demand of immediately stop Rs 1500 slip system going on in Mahakaleshwar temple to divisional commissioner MB Ojha, collector and Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee chairman Manish Singh. In a letter he wrote that devotees from all over the nation come to visit Mahakaleshwar temple and this slip system works to develop fault line between rich class and commoners due to this arrangement.

Those devotees who purchased Rs 1500 slip can enter in the Garbh-grah and commoners could not enter inside garbh-grah without this slip. This is bad practise and should be stopped immediately, he said. There should be separate arrangement for the devotees of city who come temple on daily basis, he added.