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Ujjain: Contractors protest against divisional PIU project officer Narendra Kumar Mandray


Contractors on Friday opened the front against the un-ethical and abusive actions project implementation unit (PIU) divisional project officer Narendra Kumar Mandray and alleged that he is restraining the payment of legal amount to the contractors for his personal benefit. Avantika contractor Association president Dherendra Choubey alleged that due to Mandray’s non- cooperation they are facing acute problem in project implementation. Land has not been allotted to the contractors who have won the tender released six months ago.

They alleged that, he is restricting the progress of work maliciously and putting pressure on the contractors. Earlier officers never done such practises and always inform us about the shortcomings and issues out rightly. Several developmental works like Schools, Hostels, Government buildings and hospitals were either halted or closed due to non payment.

Association had registered their resentment with the minister in-charge of PWD several times and also reported the senior officers and minister about his abusive behaviour, in vain. During his previous posting in Mandsaur, contractors had stopped work due to his abusive behaviour, Dherendra Choubey said. Association members Brajesh Thakur, Kailash Panchal, Chinmay Thakre, Rakesh Anjana, Ashok Jain, Rambabu Garg and Mukesh Damani have raised a demand for immediate action to curb his malicious activities.