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Ujjain: City receives first shower of monsoon


Ujjain: The city witnessed the first shower of monsoon on Wednesday. Dark clouds hovering in the sky turned into a drizzle and then rain in the afternoon. Water loggings in the lower areas were seen after the short spell of the rain. Drainages were flooded for the first time in this season.

During this monsoon session the city received 130.0 millimeter rainfallas compared to last year’s 122.9 millimeters.  So far in this year, Tarana tehsil has received 222 mm rainfallthe highest so far and the lowest was recorded inGhattiya tehsil which received 76 mm rainfall.

According to the information received from the land records department during the last 24 hours, 5 mm rain recorded in Khachrod tehsil, 18 mm in Nagda, 11 mm in Badnagar, 16 mm in Mehidpur and 12 mm in Tarana tehsil.