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Ujjain: City Congress president warns against malpractices in Mahakaleshwar Temple


Ujjain: City Congress president Vivek Yadav made serious allegations against malpractices in the Mahakaleshwar Temple on Tuesday. He said temple administrators and temple management committee members had made the temple a centre of corruption.

Recent events like the death of one devotee in temple premises and fall of ‘shringar’ of deity Mahakal indicated the existence of malpractices. During the Shravan month thousands of devotees come to city every day to visit the temple but due to mismanagement, these devotees had to wait for hours to visit the deity.

He alleged that the temple committee had hijacked the whole administration. Under the pretext of VIP visits, committee members arranged entries for their family members and close ones. On the first Monday of Shravan month, a gathering of families of management committee has been seen in the ‘sabha mandap’ just behind the temple deity, although entry of devotees has been restricted in that area during the Shravan month, he said.

He made allegations that the whole temple administration was busy making arrangements for the visit of chief minister’s wife on Monday and at the same time a devotee died in the premises due to unavailability of timely medical help. He sounded a warning that if all these malpractices would not be stopped immediately bythe temple management committee then he would organise a strong protest and dharna inside the temple premises.