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Ujjain: Azad Hind panel demands to declare Malwa Cotton Press land as government land


Ujjain: About six lakh sq ft of land taken from government for establishing ginning factory Malwa Cotton Press had been clandestinely mutated by posing as a farmer and a five-storey building was constructed on it. Now, the entire land and building is being sold for Rs 5 crore. Government Land Rescue Committee and Azad Hind Panel on Thursday unearthed the land scam on Thusday. They said that following their disclosures, the then collector Kavindra Kiyavat had in 2015 registered the land worth Rs 500 crore in revenue records.

According to Azad Hind Panel president Ghanshyam Sharma and Government Land Rescue Committee president Kishore Chhabra, order of cancellation of self-enforced order by Malwa Cotton Press residents Satyendra and Virendra Khandelwal, who are actually illegal possession holders of the government land in question having survey number 1729/1 and 1736, was ordered on August 4, 1971 by creating forged documents. On government land, they thus claimed them land owner and government land having survey number 1729/1 was given on lease in the year 1907 to Poosamal and Siddeshwar Dayal on the condition of running ginning factory.

According to Sharma and Chhabra, through forged documents and hiding crucial facts Satyendra and Virendra Khandelwal managed to become occupant of the land and also succeeded to get mutation of the land in 1966 in their name and had been instrumental in commercial exploitation of the government land since then.

The important fact is that Satyendra and Virendra Khandelwal are illegal encroachments and they have no family relationship with both the said agricultural laborers. The lessee is not his former, as he had previously made a false application, declaring himself the owner of the above farmer, he had declared himself landless, they charged.

On the complaint made by Azad Hind Panel, Lok Ayukta Ujjain registered a case against the concerned government officials and Khandelwal brothers in 2014, which is under investigation. The municipal engineer and other officers passed illegal map of the encroached land and without diversion it a multi-storey was also constructed on it. Revenue Court, Gwalior has also ordered that the said land is government land and that the administration should take action for demolition and eviction.

They demanded that the way in which the government took possession of Sukhdev Cotton Press located on Agar Road and the Government Ginning Press was taken after winning the civil suits the present case should also be taken on the same lines. The government should immediately file a civil suit as it is a dispute related to the title, whose area of ?? authority is only available to the civil court, they added.