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TV has empowered women, feels Ekta Kapoor


Producer Ekta Kapoor says no matter how much the “intellectuals” look down upon the daily soaps, small screen has done more for women empowerment than movies. “TV has done way more for women empowerment than any film has. It has created an industry that is by, for and about women. It has put female characters on front. You cannot have a problem if the antagonist and protagonist is a woman,” Ekta said.

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“Marital rape, domestic violence, cancer awareness, older people getting jobs, everything has been dealt with on TV first. Tulsi (popular character from ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’) shot her son for marital rape, we might’ve done a dramatic spin-off to get attention of people but we put a point out there. If you’re missing the point, and going after the presentation…Women wearing over the top makeup then you’re actually the myopic one,” she adds.

Ekta says through her TV shows she has raised several socially relevant topics but people have overlooked them. Ekta says nitpicking on “presentation” of women while missing the core point of a show is problematic and is nonchalant about certain section of the audience who find her content regressive. “That’s only the intelligentsia, the masses put them down very nicely,” Ekta says about the criticism.