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TV actress Mahhi Vij slapped a molester in a nightclub


TV actress Mahhi Vij has set an example for women, yes Mahhi has opposed molestation and slapped molester twice. The incident took place at a night club were Mahhi was partying with husband Jay Bhanushali and a friend.

The man tried to grope the actress from behind but she didn’t take it lightly and got back at him by slapping him hard. The actress opened up about the incident to The Times of India and said, “I had gone to the washroom. On the way back to the table, a man groped me. I was so furious, I slapped him twice. However, there was no remorse on his face. I then rushed to Jay and asked him to confront the guy, but he had vanished by then. I couldn’t even lodge a police complaint as he couldn’t be identified.”

This shows the courageof a woman and brave enough to retaliate but the only thing she regrets is that the guy was able to flee from the place.