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This is how you beat the monsoon blues


The monsoon brings romance, joy and happiness. However, not all are passionate lovers of the rains. Some actually feel sad, depressed and lonely as the skies open up. Engulfed by gloomy feelings, they are hit by the blues which leave a drastic effect on their mental and physical well-being. This condition is known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); a mood disorder characterised by depression that occurs at the same time every year. The good part is you can find cheer again and beat the monsoon blues…

Just connect
During the downpours, people often complain that they feel lonesome. Loneliness leads to social isolation which eventually leads to depression. Suicidal thoughts may also arise in case of deep-rooted depression. Surround yourself with friends and family. Spending some quality time with your favourite people can well drive away dampening depression. Hanging out, watching films, or a little shopping spree can help lift your dull mood. Just keep doing what you love and keep the blues at bay.

Sweat more
If you think hitting the gym gives you only a chiselled body with six-pack abs, then you are wrong. According to many scientific studies, exercising has the potential to power up and rejuvenate mental health. Don’t stick to your bed or sofa, make an effort and indulge in activities that beat laziness. Exercise, aerobics, dancing, jogging or cycling, do whatever suits you best. This will surely help you overcome lethargy and uplift your subdued spirits.

Eat rightThe disorder can also affect the appetite of an individual. There could be a tendency to either under-eat or over-eat. In most cases, due to irritability and sluggishness people often skip their meals or eat less. The sudden change in appetite often leads to weight loss and weight gain or various health issues that makes the monsoon more unpleasant. Ifyou spot this symptom in you or your loved ones, then visit a prescribed

Break free
If you hate the rains and feel lazy all the time, you are likely to stay indoors to shield yourself from water splash and dirty muck. However, try seeing the positive side of the monsoon. Go out and feel the drops on your face, make paper boats with kids, set out for a walk in the woods or visit a waterfall with your gang. The cool monsoon breezes will most likely blow away the stress. The world is a playground which seems to beckon when it rains…go out and play!

Happy Hues Stop wearing black, grey or white if you are a victim of seasonal depression. Dark colours can actually take a toll on your mental health. Dark hues leave a negative impact which adds nothing but more gloom. Bright colours like, pink, yellow, blue, and orange can effectively lighten your sombre mood. Add more pop colours to your wardrobe and break-up with your favourite dark outfits. This monsoon, go out and shine bright like the sun!

Mental me-tox
Apart from depression and feeling gloomy, anxiety, aggression, attention deficit, mood swings, and restlessness are some of the other issues which you may suffer during the monsoon. Meditation is the best way to enhance focus and attention. Mindfulness can repel the ill effects of mood swings and make you feel calm by decreasing anger, and this is how you will begin to feel less grouchy and won’t spoil your own day. Take a break, meditate to detox your brain and say adiós to anxiety.