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The success mantra…


Success is 51% mind and 49% sweat, writes RAVI VALLURI.

The atmosphere in the cauldron remained rambunctious as Frank Baum tackled an intrepid rival footballer, and saved a precious goal from being scored while maintaining remarkable poise.

The international footballer represented East Germany and later unified Germany; between 1963 and 1997 playing as many as 248 matches.

Recently he participated in a conference where several global achievers spoke on ethics and business in a global world. He was pointedly questioned as to what makes Germans tick and passionate about their game.

How is that Germany pull off victories even when placed in highly precarious situations? Even if the team is staring defeat in the face and struggling with a 2-0 down situation, in such desperate moments of an international match, the Germans have rallied around, breaking all boundaries and stretching all limits and their sinews to emerge triumphant.

What is in the DNA of the German soccer team to equalise and then score a pyrrhic victory? Frank Baum answered that 51% is the mind and 49% is the sweat and toil of the players.

The 49% is the product of continuous practice sessions, good nutrition, obviating injuries, watching replays of matches, and honing and harnessing skills. A SWOT analysis of themselves and competing teams is mandatory and an integral part of their learning process.

Mind Management is an essential ingredient to script the success of an individual, a football team, a corporate and even that of a country. A happy and trained mind produces those unbelievable and enviable results.

Frank Baum puts it simply, ‘Success or failure is scripted in the mind.’ And the German footballers are instilled disciplining of the mind right from their club levels. Team work and cohesion of purpose is deeply instilled and ingrained in the grey matter of all aspiring footballers.

A successful entrepreneur representing Nepal at the same conference of global leaders recounted grimly the devastation that struck Nepal recently. The earthquake flattened government structures, schools, hospitals, habitats, rendering thousands homeless, dead, diseased, destitute and infirmed.

His organisation too suffered colossal reverses but they bounced back by adopting a cathartic model of 4Es and a P. The 4Es are effectiveness, effect, edge, execution and the P stands for passion.lead 2

The minds of the employers, employees and all stake holders are harnessed on the effectiveness of the product visa-vis the competitors. Thus they embrace, dream and live the product.

This has an indelible impact on the minds of all concerned. It has a propelling effect on achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation.

Once the effectiveness and effect of the product and goals get imprinted and etched in the minds of the employers and employees of the company, sure enough the organisation draws inherent strength and resilience to burnish and embellish its talent to provide a cutting edge in comparison to its competitors. A space has been generated and the company is positioned to scale enormous heights.
Execution of activities which were hitherto problematic has been streamlined and the deliverables are seamlessly ensured. The ultimate driver of growth has been a passionate mind which targets goals and realises the objectives through relentless pursuit. The company is in pursuit of excellence. ‘Chase your passion not your pension’, writes David Waitely.

The young entrepreneur from Nepal impacted the minds of the ‘inanimate’ organisation and ‘animates’ personnel by imbibing the 4E and 1 P model. He opines that it is peace of mind; happiness and compassion have augured well for the organisation by providing it with immense clarity of thought processes. The organisation has made it mandatory that all the employees undertake the ‘Art of Living’ courses and learn the unique breathing technique of Sudarshan Kriya. This according to him has purged all negativities and cleared several cobwebs from the minds of the employers and employees and they are truly focused to achieve corporate goals. However, there is no compromise to hard work. It is akin to farming especially in summer as there is no vacation.

The human mind does not need any vacation. It is curiously engaged in a variety of actions. But it needs to be calmed and quietened to remain in fine fettle. One is reminded of the iconic singer, Bob Dylan who has inspired youth and leaders.
Dylan composed a revolutionary number which was high octane stuff;’ Knock, Knock, Knocking on the heaven’s door’. He implores his mother (eponymous for the society or country) to take the badge off him. This is the burden on the mind which needs to be cast away.

Human mind is beset with capriciousness, thoughts, specious attitudes, anger, arrogance, envy and lacking in awareness and mindfulness. Such a mind is unable to garner the 51% which the German team or the entrepreneur from Nepal advocated. The battle begins and terminates in the mind.

In order to truly feel liberated and free and achieve the elusive 51%, human mind has to jettison past baggage, burdens, and bondages and connect with the present. The mind also needs to delicately balance a mind and body connection. In such a situation, it is in a position to develop faculties of intuition, calmness and phenomenal productivity.

By sincerely practising these tenets we may achieve the 51%. The talismanic Bob Dylan, or the creative defender Frank Baum and the Nepalese entrepreneur were able to conquer their minds and realised the techniques of ‘mind management’ to break boundaries and achieve their true potential, which was essential for their growth.

John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost, ‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.’