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The Need for Forgiveness


Nityanand Charandas

If we are to have any hope of peace in this world, we must master the art of forgiveness.– Radhanath Swami.

The Vedas characterize the modern day & age as being riddled with quarrel and hypocrisy. There are so many stimulants to irritate and offend us. Without forgiveness, these burning stimulants nest in our consciousness and slowly reduce our peace of mind to ashes. However when we understand the nature of resentment as well as our transcendental position, peace of mind arises as a concomitant factor. First we will discuss why we should forgive and then how to imbibe genuine forgiveness within our hearts.

No Forgiveness = Self Harm

The first reason we should practice forgiveness is because harboring negativity dampens our life. Holding onto resentment is like holding a burning hot coal. It afflicts us within and it manifests as fire without. We hold onto this searing ember of hatred day after day, week after week, year after year with the intention of throwing it at the object of our abuse. But who suffers? We suffer. By holding onto that fire we are torturing ourselves.

Resentment, hatred and vengefulness are like scolding fires. And if we keep them in our heart, what will happen? They will burn our virtues and spiritual qualities to dust and leave us miserable. –Radhanath Swami

As long as we hold onto this negativity, we will be negatively affected. But, when we learn to forgive and let go of the fire, it can no longer harm us. In this way, forgiveness extinguishes the flames within and gives way to a calm and cool heart.