Free Press Journal

The Inner Teacher


Mankind throughout the ages has produced what we call the ‘holy ones’. The holy ones set out the rules by which we can live our lives and reach a higher state of existence utilizing the dormant potential lying untapped within us. There are tomes and volumes on the subject of quest for enlightenment; but how do these holy ones, philosophers, prophets and sons of God, receive this information which they pass on to mankind? Well, they listen within and pass it on to others! We all have a mentor, an inner teacher, a guardian angel, who wants us to reach the point of self-realisation, to bring harmony and peace which we seek and search for. Our inner teacher is only too willing to guide us in all our endeavours to live the life we choose.

How do we contact this inner guide, this best friend? The paths are many like prayer, meditation, silencing the mind and so on. But the best way to listen to this inner voice is to shut out the cacophony of the outside world!

For example, when you wake up in the morning, you may hear yourself saying, ‘If I go back to sleep, I may have to miss the 8.20 train and go by the next one to reach office’, or ‘I may have to take casual leave for the day’. You can silence this inner voice or increase its volume as you wish.  There have been instances where people have missed air journeys and subsequently learnt that the plane had crashed and there were no survivors. You could be missing a train or bus simply because you are not destined to die. The inner voice tells you to avoid, postpone or cancel the journey. There are no explanations why these things happen but your inner voice gives you enough signals and signs to take a decision.

The technique is not to allow thoughts to enter and overcrowd your mind. It is like a match between champions and challengers. Challengers go into action because they just hit the ball. They don’t calculate, manipulate or think of winning. So they relax. On the other hand, champions are under pressure as they have to win. The inner teacher is like the challenger who wants to play as winning becomes accidental.