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The Free Press Journal Management Scholarship: What the winners have to say


The awardees express their gratitude, excitement on winning the scholarship, preparation for the interviews and importance of this award in their career.

The Free Press Journal Management Scholarship winners

Ritika Rajesh Kothari
ITM Kharghar

“I am thankful to HEF and FPJ for this award and recognition. I had prepared well for this interview. I am thankful to my parents for encouraging and supporting me in my journey and for always being there by my side.”


Gaurav J Mistry
Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management
“It was the day-to-day learning which enabled me to do well. I want to use the scholarship amount to advance my career, try new opportunities and expand my knowledge. These scholarships are a great encouragement for students as it helps us build confidence in

Kabir Paresh Gor
D.Y.Patil Institute of Management Studies
“This scholarship is a gift to my father. I will gift him the amount as he has helped me build my career. I am pursuing MBA in Finance and want to build a career in the finance field. I was 75 per cent confident that I would get this scholarship because I was prepared for it. The rounds were conducted in my college and then at SIES College and both went well.”


Rushabh Samir Shah
“Honestly, I was prepared for the interview and was expecting this award. I was a bit nervous during the interview but I knew I would crack it. I am currently pursuing my MBA and I am sure this scholarship will definitely help me in my career ahead.
It will reflect on my CV and my portfolio in
the future.”

Manashi Arun Gavas
Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies
I used basic financial and business management knowledge in the interview process. Finance is such an attractive field for me. I want to save the amount for my future. The college conducted a test and selected a few of us to be sent for the personal interview.


Shree Vasudev Verma
Oriental Institute of Management
I did not expect this award at all. This is the first time I am getting a scholarship. When I got to know of the scholarship award I thought of trying and attempting the interviews. It was my first attempt. And I am glad I won this scholarship in my first attempt itself. I am very happy and surprised at the same time because this was way unexpected.

Pooja Golak Manna
India Europe International Business School (IEIBS):ASBS
“The interviews were conducted a month ago and I prepared for it accordingly. But I did not expect the award. The financial amount of the scholarship will help my family to fund my education. Education needs financial support as they are important if one needs to study further. I am pursuing my MBA and this scholarship will help me.”

Nidhi Shah
KJ Somaiya
“I wish to support and help my family with the scholarship amount. My family has faced a tough time due to certain health issues. I want to contribute this amount and extend my efforts for the well being of my family. I am currently pursuing my PG Diploma in Finance Services as I aim to grow and excel in this field.”

Bhumi Vipul Shah
C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management
“I have come all the way from Vadodara for this award. I sincerely thank HEF, FPJ and all the minds behind this scholarship as I feel privileged on having achieved this kind of success. I am grateful that such kind of encouragement and platform full of opportunities is prevalent in the field of education. It will help us students to climb the ladder of success.”

Saraf Gaurav Mohanbhai
C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management
“I was excited when I was informed that I won, and I am going to use the amount towards paying my fees. I was quite certain of my knowledge in the field of finance as I am a finance enthusiast, I want to build a career in capital markets or in core finance through this amount of scholarship.”

Pratheeb Nesamani
SIES College of Management Studies
“I feel good on receiving this award. I have been the topper of my college and I always aim to excel. Often I look for opportunities, examinations, scholarships and platforms like this to perform well and grow my knowledge. I am pursuing my Masters in Management Studies and I hope this scholarship will help me study further.”

Motepalli Lova Pavan Sandeep
ITM Kharghar
“I have been in the finance field and I was confident that I would crack the interview. I feel happy after receiving this scholarship. I am currently pursuing my CA and MBA in Finance. I will use this scholarship amount to pay my fees, buy books and study material. This scholarship will help fund my future education as I aim to grow in this field of finance and experiment new opportunities.”