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Terrace gardening is Bahadur Singh’s way of living amidst nature


“Every time I have some moment on seashore, or in the mountains, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why environment has to be preserved,” American former professional basketball player and politician Bill Bradley quoted.

With experience of unimaginable beauty of nature, 72-year-old retired professional Bahadur Singh could not live away from gardens and greenery. Therefore, after retiring, he bought a small house and covered it with trees and plants.

“I have over 150 earthen pots, which have several flowering plants, trees and ferns,” Singh shared. He has planted 12 trees in his garden along with other plantations.

“I feel incomplete without plants around me, because it is nature that brings life,” Singh said. He added that anyone who has experienced living with nature feels the same.

Sharing his experience, Singh said, “In 1992, my company posted me to Dewas as horticulture and housekeeping manager.” During his stay, he studied plants and ways to maintain gardens.

“Nature is amazing, as most of the time, it does not ask for much, except a little care and earth itself flowers into a garden,” Singh said. Sharing his experience as horticulture manager, he explained that with a proper start, one can easily grow vegetables needed for a family.

“My garden produce is more than enough for my family and neighbours,” Singh said. He lives with his wife Meena.

Talking about the wonders of his garden, Singh said, “I have a mango tree in my backyard, which produces mangoes every year, unlike others.” He explained that mango trees do not flower every year, because of weather and other conditions in city.

Sharing his secrets of farming, Singh said, “We use natural manure, which we make at home.” They keep vegetable and fruit peelings in a drum, which converts into manure in three months time.

Another concern that bothers growth of plants is excessive use of pesticides; Singh explained that if people care closely for their garden, use of pesticides reduces. “I use pesticides, only when pests try invading trees, which is lesser than used in farms,” he said.

Tips for terrace farming

* Use natural manure, which can be made by keeping peels of fruits and vegetables in a drum for three months.

* Cow dung manure is must for growth of plants. It must be used frequently.

* Do not spray pesticides until you spot pests

* Small trees can be grown in earthen pots, if given necessary care and manure.