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Teaching expressions of love, ‘Steve’ brings them together


Indore : Helping them become a family again from co-habitants, a golden-yellow Labrador named Steve transformed life of Tharwani family four years back.

Starting from owning one pet, the family now takes care of seven dogs in separate houses.

Sharing their story, 28-year-old dance choreographer Gaurav Tharwani said, “Steve came to our life unexpectedly, just like a blessing.” Though their lives were peaceful at that time, but they were missing love in their experience.

“It is not that we did not love each other, it is just that nobody took the time to say that we do,” Gaurav said. He elaborated that Steve brought their family together.

Talking about how he came to their life, his sister Mohina said, “I got Steve as a gift from a friend.” When Steve first came to their house as a baby, Gaurav, his father and businessman Dilip was not happy with him.

“I am not fond of taking responsibility, because I have enough things to take care of,” Dilip said. Though he was not willing to take care of a dog, now he takes care of seven.

Taking sides with her daughter Mohina, homemaker Rekha was happy to have a new member in the family. “I loved having him around despite his shenanigans, because he loved everyone selflessly.” Though she would get irritated when Steve chewed her suits, she couldn’t spend a day with him.

Sharing his first instincts, Gaurav said, “I felt it would be an unnecessary addition, but then I realised that it was the most important addition.” He fell in love with Steve, as he became his best friend.

Elaborating on how Steve brought his family together, Gaurav said, “We had something to talk about, someone to play with and someone to fight for, which made us a family again.” Impressed by how Steve changed their life, he brought more dogs home.

However, his parents were not okay with having so many dogs in the house. “They were right too, because dogs fought a lot together, so I decided to keep them separately,” Gaurav said.

Unsure about how to keep them separately, he discussed the problem with his friends Nirav Cholera and Pankhuri Gyanee. “I decided to rent my best friends, my dogs a new flat,” Gaurav said.

He rented a separate flat, where his friends stay with pug Romeo, American Labrador Brownie and Australian Labrador Sea. Further, he shares two of his golden retrievers Sunny and Gorgee with his boss Sonal Anand. Mohina’s love for dogs and especially Steve is endless. She is in New York for her studies, but ensures that she does facetime with Steve as often as possible.

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