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Suppose You Go To God


Suppose you go to God, to get a boon. When your intention is to get a boon, then you are in a hurry. Another person knows that he already owns God; he is not in a hurry for anything. Infinite patience comes up in him.

Question: What do you mean by “owning God”?

Realizing that the Divinity and His entire creation already belong to you. Usually you shop in a hurry at the supermarket and rush back home. But when the whole store is already in your home, you’re not in a rush to shop; you are at ease.

Your hurry to get something throws you off balance and makes you small. Have an “eternal wait”– infinite patience. Realize that God belongs to you. Through this awareness or through practices you will reach infinite patience.

Question: To develop patience, do we observe the impatience?

Just observe the thoughts and feelings and do not regret them. When you know you are part of the divine plan, you stop demanding. You know everything is being done for you. You are taken care of. Usually we hurry the mind and are slow in our action. Impatience means hurry in the mind; lethargy means slowness in action. It is better the other way around. Patience in the mind and dynamism in action is the right formula.

Testing is part of ignorance. You only test that of which you are not sure. If God is testing you, it means God does not know you well enough.

How could people ever think that God is testing them? God does not test you because he knows you in and out – your past, present and future. He knows your strengths and weaknesses and He alone gives you strength. He does not test you.

Only you can test yourself. Only when you do not have confidence, then you test, if you are confident, why would you test? If you are testing yourself, you do not know yourself.

Are you testing God? God will never pass your test because He will never show up for it. If He does show up for your test, then He is not God.