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Spirituality For Peace & Harmony


The aim of every religion is to make a person pious and a good citizen. But as time passed, every religion degenerated. So, it would be wrong to condemn all religions or to reject everything in any one religion. However, if any religion instigates its followers against others or gives its votaries some kind of frenzy and makes much zealots who would pull out swords against followers of other faiths, then that kind of religion is not Religion in any true sense. So, when many people emphasise that Religion and Politics should not be mixed up, they say this because of this background of Religion.

India has a democratic setup in which people elect the government through adult franchise. Due to it pluralistic culture, every citizen has been given the right & freedom of religious belief without any kind of interference by government . The Indian polity is, therefore known as secular. But inspite of this fact ,we have witnessed many Riots since independence, most of which were a result of religious intolerance.

It is thus imperative to say here that Spirituality under such a crisis can play a pivotal role to maintain calm, peace & harmony in society where people speak different languages, follow different religions & have different lifestyles as it removes all kinds of bias and prejudice and demolishes the walls of castism, cultism, and meaningless customs and gives all men a sound basis for a deep feeling of brotherhood.

But, why Spirituality? Because it is impeccable, it implies universal love, non-violence, compassion, virtue, simplicity, honesty, detachment and attitude of humanity and service—all in one. Thus, it should not be difficult to understand that if spirituality is ensconced at the centre of politics, all would be fine and the world would be a better place to live in.

Remember! one cannot have humility, detachment, compassion, and freedom from hatred, jealousy and violence, without spirituality. For, it is spirituality that sows, in a person’s lake of mind, the lotus of love without any selfish motive and brings simplicity, sincerity and attitude of service.